Dateline: Dia Abrams Missing – Where Was She Last Seen?

Dia Abrams

Lydia Abrams, a 65-year-old woman commonly referred to as Dia, disappeared on June 6, 2020, from her residence in Mountain Centre, California. Find out about Dia Abrams missing case.

Born and raised in San Diego, California, which was approximately a two-hour drive from Mountain Centre, Dia had a strong connection to her hometown.

In 1984, she entered matrimony with Clem Abrams, and together they were blessed with two children named Crisara and Clinton.

Growing up in San Diego was a delightful experience for Clinton, as he fondly reminisced about the beautiful surroundings and agreeable climate.

The family’s financial stability stemmed from Clem and Dia’s successful real estate career, which allowed them to flourish and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with their children.

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Dateline: Dia Abrams Missing – Where Was She Last Seen?

According to Diana, one of the friends of Dia, on June 6, 2020, Saturday was like an ordinary day.

She shared that she received a text message from Dia that morning inquiring about the window washer she used.

Keith Harper, who was with Dia that day, recounted their activities to Dateline. He mentioned that they had lunch together around 2:30 p.m.

After their meal, Keith engaged in some work on the property in preparation for their planned trip to Colorado scheduled for the following day.

Dia Abrams missing
Dia with her son, Clinton Abrams (Source: NBC News)

When Keith returned to the house around 7:30 p.m., he couldn’t find Dia. Worried, he attempted to reach her by phone, but she didn’t respond.

Keith discovered her cell phone charging in their bedroom and noticed that her purse was still inside the house.

Further details regarding Dia Abrams missing case are yet to be revealed, so stay with us to find out more about this case.

Dia Abrams found dead or alive?

The Riverside Sheriff’s Department responded via email regarding Dia’s disappearance, and Sergeant Brandi Swan stated that the case is currently under investigation by their Central Homicide Unit. No additional information was provided.

Clinton, Dia’s son, expressed his hope for a more thorough investigation into his mother’s disappearance.

In an email to Dateline, he emphasized his desire to raise awareness about his mother’s case, stating that obtaining genuine answers would be difficult without public awareness.

Dia Abrams
Dia Abrams and Keith Harper (Dia’s then-fiancee). (Source: NBC News)

Descriptive details of Dia were also provided. She is described as being 5’6 tall with blue eyes.

At the time she went missing, she had blonde hair and weighed approximately 135 pounds. Presently, Dia would be 68 years old.

Dia Abrams family

Clinton Abrams, Dia’s son, informed Dateline that he first learned about his mother’s disappearance from one of her neighbors.

Upon receiving the news, Clinton Abrams immediately left San Diego and headed to the ranch.

He recalled driving up to the location that Saturday, and by Monday, the missing persons and homicide units were involved in the investigation.

A dive team was also deployed as part of the search efforts.

Dia Abrams
The 65-year-old was last seen on her California ranch on June 6, 2020 (Source: NBC News)

Keith Harper, who was with Dia during her disappearance, described the intense search operations that took place in the days following her disappearance.

A group of 26 people, consisting of friends of Dia, dedicated three days to searching for her. They utilized Dia’s dogs, relying on their ability to recognize her scent.

Regrettably, it is with great sadness that we must inform you that Dia is still missing and her whereabouts remain unknown.

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