10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos in 24 Hours


Which are the ten most viewed YouTube videos in 24 hours?

YouTube being the central hub for entertainment, from sharing your daily stories, creations, educational insights to everything, it has become our favorite pass time in our everyday lives.

With the rate of engagement and viewership exceeding on the platform, some of the videos on YouTube have surpassed the limits and broke the record as the most viewed YouTube videos in just a single day of the release.

Most Viewed YouTube Videos in 24 Hours
Most Viewed YouTube Videos in 24 Hours (Source: TechCrunch)

These music videos have gained multi-million viewership within 24 hours of their release. And mostly, the list screams the insane fandom of the skyrocketing K-pop groups.

So, here we present to you the ten most viewed YouTube videos in 24 hours.

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Quick Overview

 S.N.   Name of the Song Artist  Total Views 
 1.  Butter BTS  108.2 Million
 2.  Dynamite  BTS  101.1 Million
 3.  How You Like That  Blackpink  86.3 Million
 4.  Ice Cream  Blackpink ft. Selena Gomez  79 Million
 5.  Boy With Luv  BTS ft. Halsey  74.6 Million
 6.  LaLisa  Lisa  73.6 Million
 7.  Permission to Dance  BTS  72.3 Million
8.   Life Goes On  BTS  71.6 Million
 9.  Me!  Taylor Swift ft. Brendon Urie  65.2 Million
 10.  Lovesick Girls  Blackpink  61.4 Million

Most Viewed YouTube Videos in 24 Hours

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10. Lovesick Girls- Blackpink

Total Views: 61.4 Million Views

The world’s renowned South Korean girl band, Blackpink, has always demanded immense love and support from the Blinks since their first debut in 2016.

From being the first K-pop girl group to rake the Billboard top charts, Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia cover, and a massive following on YouTube, and Spotify to breaking the Guinness World Record, Blackpink never stops ruling your heart, do they?

Lovesick Girls (Source: Pinterest)

With bangers like Kill This Love, Boombayah, Ddu-Du Ddu-Du, As If It’s Your Last, and How You Like That, Blackpink became the first female K-pop group to amass 1 billion views in their five singles.

Whereas their 2020 single, Lovesick Girls, fed the hungry eyes of 61.4 million people in just 24 hours.

It’s about their emotions in love getting hurt, but still, with those experiences, they are in search of love.

9. Me!- Taylor Swift ft. Brendon Urie

Total Views: 65.2 Million Views

The pop-country artist Taylor Swift released Me! as the lead single for her mega-hit 2019 album “LOVER” in collaboration with Panic! at the Disco lead singer Brendon Urie.

This fun, catchy and colorful pop song reflects self-love, uniqueness, and confidence in a sweet pastel world.

Besides, the single broke the record for most-viewed YouTube videos in 24 hours with 65.2 million views.

Me! Taylor Swift ft. Brendon Urie (Source: BitSongOfficial-Medium)

Well, Swifties better know from this playful video how to win Taylor’s heart in an instant; it’s not with flowers, engagement rings, but with the fluffy cats purring her a lovely “Meoww!!”.

Moreover, it jumped from 100th to 2nd in the Billboard Hot 100 within a week which was the biggest single-week jump in Billboard history.

Further, it became the most sold single on the entire Top 100 charts in the US, with more than 2 million copies sold.

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8. Life Goes On- BTS

Total Views: 71.6 Million Views

HYBE LABELS released BTS, aka “Bangtan Boys,” single “Life Goes On” in November 2020.

It is a chill song which intended to give hope to the ARMY during the hard times of the COVID-19 pandemic telling life goes on.

After its release, Life Goes On became one of the most viewed YouTube videos garnering 71.6 million views in a single day.

BTS Life Goes On (Source: The Indian Express)

ARMY kept on coming back to their happy place with its “ON MY PILLOW, ON MY TABLE,” “LIKE AN ECHO IN THE FOREST,” and “LIKE AN ARROW IN THE BLUE SKY,” “YEAH, LIFE GOES ON!!”.

Besides, the single topped the US Billboard chart after a month. With that, BTS had its third single claiming Billboard’s Top 100.

7. Permission to Dance- BTS

Total Views: 72.3 Million Views

Holding the 7th spot comes BTS’s Permission to Dance.

On 9th July 2021, the group released this dance song as a second track for their first English album, BUTTER.

Amidst the chaos and angst going on due to the COVID pandemic, the Bangtan Boys did their best to comfort the world for a while with their bright, energetic, and encouraging lyrics and video for keeping their worries aside and chilling at the moment by dancing to the upbeat music.


BTS Permission to Dance On Stage Seoul (Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

With this music, you won’t need permission to dance!! Keep your hype up!

The music video garnered 72.3 million views in a single day.

After Michael Jackson, BTS became the second artist to collect five No.1 Billboard singles with “Permission to Dance” within ten months and two weeks.

6. Lalisa- Lisa

Total Views: 73.6 Million Views

Blackpink’s Thai rapper and lead dancer, Lisa Manoban, dropped her lead song “Lalisa” from her debut album of the same title on 10th September 2021.

The single garnered 73.6 million views within 24 hours of the release, making it the most viewed Youtube video in a single day by a solo artist.

LISA LALISA Teaser (Source: Kpopping)

It features spirit boosting, charismatic, and powerful rap and dance performance of Lisa with the blend of Thai influenced hip hop tracks and EDM.

Lalisa went on to earn the 84th spot on the US Billboard Top 100.

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5. Boy With Luv- BTS ft. Halsey

Total Views: 74.6 Million Views

BTS’s “Boy With Luv,” featuring the American pop artist Halsey is the fifth most-viewed YouTube video in 24 hours.

It was dropped on 12th April 2019, and garnered 74.6 million views on its first day.

Most Viewed YouTube Videos in 24 Hours- Boy-With-Luv-BTS-ft.-Halsey
Boy With Luv BTS ft. Halsey (Source: Cute9ja)

The upbeat and funky electr0-pop song is catchy with the theme of a boy in love.

Further, the song garnered 21 music awards in South Korea, making it the most awarded single after 2000, which later got beat by Dynamite.

4. Ice Cream- Blackpink and Selena Gomez

Total Views: 79 Million Views

Blackpink collaborated with Selena Gomez while dropping “Ice Cream” on YouTube in August 2020.

Ice Cream is the group’s second single from their first studio album, The Album.

Besides, the music video garnered 79 million YouTube views in a single day.

Most Viewed YouTube Videos in 24 Hours- Selena-Gomez-Blackpink-Ice-cream
Selena Gomez Blackpink Ice Cream (Source: Seventeen Magazine)

The song is sung in English except for the rap verses from Lisa that are in Korean.

Moreover, the music video has a fun and playful feel with Ice Cream themes and upbeat pop, and catchy traps. “Ice cream, chillin’, Ice cream!”

Ice Cream became Blackpink’s first song to win top 20 of the US Billboard Hot 100 by landing on 13th.

3. How You Like That- Blackpink

Total Views: 86.3 Million Views

Blackpink garnered 86.3 million views with the release of “How You Like That” on YouTube on 26th June 2020.

Besides, the music video became the third most viewed YouTube video within 24 hours.

Most Viewed YouTube Videos in 24 Hours- How-You-Like-That-Blackpink
How You Like That Blackpink (Source: SoundCloud)

The song reflects on persevering during the darkest times. With its pulsating pop beats, swaggy vibes, and superbomb performance, How You Like That became a global sensation since its debut.

Further, the single peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 in South Korea, Singapore, Hungary, and Malaysia.

2. Dynamite- BTS

Total Views: 101.1 Million Views

BTS dropped “Dynamite” on 21st August 2020.

The single emphasizes having gratitude for every small thing in life.

With its pure 70s retro vibe, funk and soul, and catchy hooks, Dynamite garnered 101.1 million views on YouTube in 24 hours.

Most Viewed YouTube Videos in 24 Hours- BTS-Dynamite-Teaser
BTS Dynamite Teaser (Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

With Dynamite, BTS made a new record as the first K-pop group to top Billboard Hot 100.

Besides, the Bangtan Boys also earned their first Grammy nod for Best Pop Duo Performance at 63rd Annual Grammy Awards in 2021, making them the first K-pop artist in history to receive the honor.

1. Butter- BTS

Total Views: 108.2 Million Views

At the top of the most-viewed YouTube video in 24 hours comes BTS’s tasty smooth-like “Butter,” which racked up 108.2 million views on its first day.

Most Viewed YouTube Videos in 24 Hours- Butter-BTS
Butter-BTS (Source: The Indian Express)

Butter expresses the sweet, playful, and undeniable charm of the BTS with its upbeat pop, infectious traps, and feeling of a summer breeze.

Further, the single topped the charts in six countries, including the US, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore.

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