Enrique Tarrio Ethnicity, Is He Latino? Parents And Siblings

Enrique Tarrio Ethnicity

Enrique Tarrio is a former FBI informant. Please read the article below to learn more about the recent hot topic “Enrique Tarrio Ethnicity,” his parents, and many more.

Henry “Enrique” Tarrio is a Cuban-American political activist and businessman best known for his involvement with the far-right organization Proud Boys.

He has been active in politics for a number of years, acting as the chairman of the Proud Boys and the Florida state director of Latinos for Trump.

Tarrio has been implicated in multiple violent events and has been charged with advocating white supremacy.

Enrique has a criminal history in addition to his political involvement. He has been found guilty of a number of offenses, including theft, fraud, and possession of illegal weapons.

Additionally, he has cooperated with state and local law enforcement as an informant.

Tarrio is still a key player in the American far-right movement despite his contentious background.

He has drawn much criticism because of his association with the Proud Boys, with many people accusing him of encouraging hate and violence.

Enrique Tarrio Ethnicity, Is He Latino?

On March 26, 1984, Enrique Tarrio was born in Miami, Florida. His parents are both Cuban immigrants, and he was raised in a community with a large Latino population.

Tarrio has said that he does not consider himself to be Latino despite being of Cuban ancestry.

I’m not Hispanic, he declared in a Miami New Times interview. I am a Cuban.

Enrique Tarrio Ethnicity
Enrique Tarrio is an activist. (Source: NPR)

He continued by saying that he feels more connected to his Cuban roots than the larger Latino population.

Many individuals still view Tarrio as Latino despite his claims. This is due to the fact that individuals of Latin American heritage, especially those from Cuba, are frequently referred to as “Latinos.”

In addition, some have questioned Tarrio’s ties to the Latino community due to his membership in the Proud Boys, an organization that has been charged with supporting white supremacy.

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Enrique Tarrio Parents

Both of Enrique Tarrio’s parents are Cuban immigrants who fled political repression and made Miami, Florida, their new home.

While Tarrio’s mother worked in import and export logistics, his Father was a mechanic.

Tarrio was eight years old when they separated. Tarrio was raised in a Catholic home and received significant right-leaning political indoctrination.

Enrique Tarrio Ethnicity
Enrique Tarrio with the flag of U.S. (Source: Twitter)

His pals, who are second-generation Cubans, have been regarded as right-wing and conservative.

Zuny Duarte, Tarrio’s mother, immigrated to the United States from Cuba but claimed she never took an active political role.

According to Duarte, it was her ex’s side that discussed ideologies.

She doesn’t even watch the news unless someone gives her a story about her kid. Tarrio’s childhood in Miami significantly influenced his political beliefs and participation in the Proud Boys.

Tarrio has maintained a good relationship with his family despite his contentious political activity and has openly discussed his parents’ difficulties as Cuban immigrants.

Enrique Tarrio Siblings

The two siblings of Enrique Tarrio are a brother and a sister. His siblings are mostly unknown since they have avoided the spotlight.

Tarrio has discussed his parents’ hardships as Cuban immigrants in the open.

He said in an interview with the Miami New Times that his parents fled the communist government in Cuba and immigrated to the United States.

Enrique Tarrio Ethnicity
Enrique Tarrio is the Leader of Proud Boys. (Source: The New York Times)

He also discussed their difficulties as immigrants, such as the language barrier and difficulty finding employment.

Tarrio is still close to his family despite his contentious political activities, and his childhood in Miami has influenced his political beliefs and his membership with the Proud Boys.

It is unknown if Tarrio’s siblings agree with his political stances because they have not participated in his political endeavors.

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