Meet Andy Casagrande Wife Emma Casagrande: Children And Married Life

Andy Casagrande Wife

Meet the charming and talented Andy Casagrande wife, Emma Casagrande, who is also a photographer like her husband. Read on to learn more about their married life and kids.

Known for his ground-breaking photographs and videos of great white sharks, Andy Brandy Casagrande is a well-known shark expert, documentary filmmaker, and wildlife photographer.

His intimate photography of sharks dispels misperceptions of them as mindless killers, instead revealing their grace and complexity.

The photographer has logged over 4,000 scuba dives, dedicating his life’s work to conservation efforts and changing public attitudes about sharks.

His documentary, Sharkwater Extinction, won acclaim for exposing illegal fishing.

Through stunning visual media that brings humans eye-to-eye with sharks, Casagrande proves these apex predators are critical, not threatening, to ocean ecosystems.

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Meet Andy Casagrande Wife Emma Casagrande

Emma Casagrande is the wife of renowned shark expert and underwater photographer Andy Brandy.

Similar to her spouse, she is an exceptional and daring wildlife photographer with a focus on capturing images of apex predators, both underwater and above the surface of the ocean.

Andy Casagrande wife maintains a very low profile despite her husband’s widespread fame in the shark diving and conservation communities.

Their paths crossed in Africa back in 2007 when the filmmaker was working on a lion documentary, and it was there that they found love in each other’s company.

Andy Casagrande Wife
Andy Casagrande Wife, Emma is a wildlife photographer like her husband. (Source: Instagram)

They began dating shortly after this initial encounter, and their romance blossomed.

The shark expert and his wife have explored the globe scuba diving together since marrying in 2010 after three years of dating.

Originally from Sweden, Emma was not as interested in photography early on, instead pursuing animal conservation.

But after meeting her now-husband, she developed a shared passion for capturing the beauty of the underwater world.

The couple now works in harmony documenting marine wildlife through their photography and films.

Andy Casagrande Children 

The shark expert Andy has two children with his partner Emma: a son, Ace, born on September 12, 2013, and a daughter, Nova Fina, born on August 16, 2015.

Beyond his love of marine wildlife, the filmmaker cherishes his small family.

The couple takes a hands-on approach to instill their passion for the aquatic world in their young kids from an early age.

The Casagrandes share photos on social media of family vacations and quality time spent together, almost always around water.

Andy Casagrande Wife
Pictured are Andy Casagrande and his family in their Halloween attire. (Source: Instagram)

They appear intent on exposing Ace and Nova Fina to their parents’ appreciation for the beauty below the surface.

The couple aims to pass on their spirit of adventure and deep respect for marine creatures to the next generation.

For all his daring work swimming with sharks, the photographer’s greatest source of joy comes from raising his children surrounded by the natural aquatic environments he explores.

He hopes to inspire the same awe and curiosity in his kids that have shaped his own life’s calling.

Andy Casagrande Married Life

Since getting married, they have been exploring the seas and continuing their journey together.

The filmmaker’s partner assists with his projects behind the scenes when she’s not occupied with her separate business interests.

Andy Casagrande wife confidence in her husband’s skill and comfort in the water with sharks helps alleviate her worry when he’s out on daring dives.

The couple are lucky to have a shared passion and profession, which has garnered them applause for their remarkable connection in the workplace.

Andy Casagrande Wife
Pictured: Andy Casagrande with his wife and kids. (Source: Instagram)

The Casagrandes were honored with the 2011 Award for Outstanding Cinematography (Nature) and also received the 2013 Award for Outstanding Cinematography (Documentary).

With Emma’s unwavering support, he can wholeheartedly dedicate himself as one of the foremost visual storytellers, presenting the elegance and significance of sharks on a global scale.

The couple appears to have a relationship built on mutual trust and respect as they navigate life in South Africa together.

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