Where Is Jason Ivler Now? Wikipedia Bio Age And Case Details Explained

Jason Ivler Now

Jason Ivler is a well-known hottie who killed the son of the former Presidental chief of staff Renato Ebarle Sr. at the corner of Boni Serrano and Ortigas Avenue in Quezon City. Ivler is also a rapper.

On November 18, 2009, Roneta Ebarle Jr. was fatally shot while in his vehicle during a traffic incident by Jason; for this, he was sentenced to forty years in prison and around PHP 10 million fine.

Ivler is the nephew of the legendary Freddie Aguilar, a well-known musician in the Philippines. 

The Jr. event became a national-level issue, and the authorities conducted a third raid at Jason’s mom’s residence. Jason’s mom was charged with obstructing justice for hiding his son.

Where is Jason Ivler Now?

When Jason shot and murdered Roneta Ebarle Jr., the son of the Presidential chief of staff, in a road rage shooting in 2009, it shocked the whole nation, and the Ebarle family was shattered, whereas the nation has just lost a young life with a lot of potentials.

The aftermath of the incident was a legal battle that concluded with Jason receiving a sentence minimum of 20 years and one day to a maximum of 40 years in prison. While justice was served, the Ebarle family had been left to deal with an irreparable loss.

Jason Ivler Now
Supreme court affirms the murder conviction of Jason Ivler. (source: Twitter)

As seen from his sentence, he has gotten a minimum of twenty years in prison to a maximum of forty years in 2009, so currently, the hottie murderer is still in prison 

Furthermore, this incident shows that the consequences of our actions can have far-reaching effects on the lives of others.

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Jason Ivler Wikipedia Bio and Age

There is little to no information about Jason available, so determining his age and Wikipedia can be next to impossible. However, he wanted to become a rapper.

Without any information, it is out of the question to determine a Ivler’s age. Age is a crucial aspect of a person’s identity as it informs everyone about his experience, skill, and knowledge. Age can also impact how the opposite person interacts, it can also affect the ideas a person shares.

Jason Ivler Now
Jason Ivler kills Roneta Ebarle Jr. (Source: Rappler)

The lack of information can be a bit frustrating in these kinds of situations as people are anxious to know about Jason’s life as he did something that will remain in the mind of the Ebarle family and the nation.

In conclusion, without concrete details, it can be challenging to determine his age and other personal information, but it is very crucial to respect his privacy and identify that not everyone wants to be in the limelight.

Jason Ivler Case detail

Jason has been widely recognized by the nation and the world as he shot and murdered the son of Roneta Ebarle Sr, the Presidental chief of staff, Roneta Ebarle Jr. He died on the spot.

According to GOV.PH Roneta was unaware that he would get shot while staying in his car waiting for the traffic light o go green. The `victim was unarmed and he even didn’t have the chance to fight back. he was attacked so viciously that defense was virtually impossible.

Jason Ivler Now
Jason Ivler was sentenced to 40 years in prison. ( Source: Twitter)

Jason didn’t surrender on his own and he was caught by the police as he was hiding. Ivler denied the charges that were put against him by saying he was nowhere near the crime scene, but his statement was ruled out using accounts of witnesses,

The court sentenced him to forty years in prison and ordered him to pay the Ebarle family a total sum amount of PHP 9.373 Million for civil damages.

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