Is Anita Boateng Paul Boateng Daughter? Her Wikipedia Bio and Husband

Is Anita Boateng Paul Boateng’s Daughter? As for her bio, she is a partner at Portland Communications, a political consultancy and public relations firm.

Anita Boateng is a government affairs, policy, and communications expert who has worked at the highest government and media levels.

She specializes in developing and implementing ambitious, integrated public affairs and corporate communications campaigns for organizations confronting regulatory, reputational, and commercial issues.

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Is Anita Boateng Paul Boateng Daughter?

Numerous sites speculate that Paul Boateng, the politician, is Anita Boateng’s Father. However, by the looks of it, and since none of the sources have confirmed, the rumor may not be accurate.

There are no relations depicting that Paul Boateng is indeed Anita’s Father. Although Paul has stated that he has five children, it still does not connect the dot. The viewers may have confused it as both of their families originate from Ghana. So, Anita Boatend is not the daughter of Paul Boateng. 

On the bright side, Anita Boateng has shared that her parents were initially from Ghana. They are Ghanaian immigrants. In one of the interviews, she stated that he Father is originally from Nsuta, Ashanti Region, and managed the business in Ghana and was interested in politics. That was when she thought of working there to learn more about the country and its democracy.

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Details Of Anita Boateng Wikipedia And Bio Explored

As for Anita Boateng’s wikipedia, she worked as a senior researcher at the policy research unit LTD after finishing her education. She joined the British Broadcasting Corporation in 2013. (BBC). She then worked for the BBC for over three years before becoming the special adviser for Work and Pensions in the Department for Work and Pensions.

After her experience here, she was appointed as the special adviser to the secretary of state for justice in the United Kingdom’s Department of Justice.  

Is Anita Boateng Paul Boateng Daughter
Anita Boateng speaking on SkyNews in the early show talking about Labour hustings. She expressed Sajid Javid’s warning in the
@FT to British business. (Source: Twitter)

Then, after resigning, she was appointed special adviser to the Conservative Party chairman before being made special adviser to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster at the minister’s cabinet office.

She was named senior director of FTI Consulting Inc in November 2019. She worked for FTI Consulting for nearly a year before becoming a partner at Portland Communication, where she is also present.

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Who Is Anita Boateng Husband?

Anita Boateng has not revealed anything regarding her husband. By the looks of it, she may either be single, or she is focusing on her political career. Even her social media focuses on her interests in her career, i.e., Politics and interview shots. So, she has managed well to keep her personal life private.

On the other hand, Anita Boateng believes that she has her chance to become Britain’s first British-Ghanaian Prime Minister.

Is Anita Boateng Paul Boateng Daughter
Anita Boateng on ⁦SkyNews talking about reshuffle this evening with her former MOJ compatriot Dr. Phillip Lee. (Source: Twitter)

For the time being, she is very content to assist people in her district and address local issues, particularly during the epidemic.

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