Edward Catmur Missing Fell Runner Case: Body Of Man Found

Edward Catmur missing

The secrecy surrounding Edward Catmur missing case has disturbed many, leaving them curious to unveil his current status. 

Edward Catmur had not been heard from since New Year’s Eve and intended to run along a route to Cross Fell and Hartside Cross.

The rescue team and concerned authorities have revealed they continue searching for Catmur, 40, who has been missing since 31 December 2023.

The missing runner’s case may sound like a narrative fitting a curious story plot. 

Instead, the 40-year-old man’s mysterious absence left a grieving family. 

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Edward Catmur Missing Case 

Sky News officials mentioned that Edward Catmur went missing while running in Cumbria on December 31, 2023.

Reportedly, Edward Catmur was 40 years old and fell runner from Cumbria. Likewise, the man was last heard from around 10 am on New Year’s Eve.

Edward Catmur Missing
Edward Catmur Missing: The London fell runner was found dead. (Source: Yahoo News Canada)

As per the officials, Catmur intended to run a route through the North Pennines. Hence, he took the route from Dufton to Cross Fell and Hartside Cross.

Also, the man was reported missing.

Likewise, the Cumbria authorities conducted a heavy-duty search operation in the snowy rural upland area. Also, a spokesperson for the force revealed: 

The missing man’s family has been informed of developments.

Cumbria Police would like to thank Penrith Mountain Rescue Team colleagues for their help, who spent long hours for two days leading the search effort.

Reportedly, the Penrith Mountain Rescue Team searched through the night along Catmur’s planned route from Dufton to Hartside and back.

Furthermore, Penrith, Kendal, and Kirkby Stephen team members searched through into the early hours in the north Pennines, as suggested by the rescue team.

Besides, Edward’s search mission resumed at first light, with extra resources brought in from across the lakes teams and northern England, such as search dogs and drones.

Also, the man-rescue mission continued until a find was made by an authority helicopter around midday on New Year’s Day.

Is Edward Catmur’s Body Found?

As suggested by Evening Standard, a dead body was recovered during the search for missing fell runner Edward Catmur.

The dead body of the missing man was found on January 1 in the Cross Fell area. Sadly, according to the officials, Catmur’s family was informed regarding the case developments.

Moreover, Cumbria Constabulary thanked the Penrith Mountain Rescue Team, who searched the planned route of Dufton to Hartside and back. The search resumed at first light with additional resources.

As mentioned, 82 volunteers participated in the search mission, adding the Great North Air Ambulance and Coastguard helicopter.

Fell Runner Edward Catmur Missing Case Update

Fell running, commonly known as hill running, is a running sport that involves racing off-road over upland country. Also, a fell runner climbs the gradient upland cliff, a significant difficulty component.

The name is taken from the origins of the English sport in the fells of northern Britain, mainly in the Lake District. During this sport, a fell runner named Edward Catmur, 40, died traveling from Dufton to Hartside and back.

Edward Catmur Missing case
Edward Catmur Missing case: The fell runner who went missing on New Year’s Eve was found dead. (Source: Sky News)

As the authorities in the area reported: 

The search mission resumed at first light, with extra resources called in from across the lakes teams and northern England including search dogs and drones.

Searching continued until a find was made by a police helicopter around midday on New Year’s Day.

The fell runner’s family was informed about his condition. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased runner.

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