What Happened To Stan Grant? Racial Abuse Allegation And Resignation

Stan Grant

People are curious about what happened to Stan Grant and why he resigned from ABC. Continue reading the article to find more details.

Stan Grant is a well-known figure in Australian media, and his work has been very successful for over 30 years.

Grant comes from an Indigenous family and is a member of the Wiradjuri community. Much of his work has been about bringing attention to problems facing Indigenous people and figuring out who he is as an Indigenous person.

Grant is highly skilled at broadcasting news and current events on radio and TV. He has held respectable positions as a news presenter on various networks, including Seven, the Australian Macquarie Radio Network, SBS, and CNN International.

His tenure at CNN saw him serve as a Senior International Correspondent stationed in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, and Beijing, allowing him to develop a global perspective on significant events.

In 2017, he embarked on a new chapter in his career by joining the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) as the editor of Indigenous Affairs.

What Happened To Stan Grant? Racial Abuse Allegation

Stan, a renowned journalist, recently became a sensation online due to a significant controversy surrounding his views.

The controversy arose from his coverage of King Charles’ coronation on May 6, where Grant expressed his opinions on the monarchy, subsequently receiving widespread backlash.

Grant expressed his disappointment in the public’s reaction to his coverage and also criticized the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) for not publicly denying the false claims made about him.

He attributed this failure to an institutional flaw rather than holding individuals accountable.

What Happened To Stan Grant
What Happened To Stan Grant? The journalist has resigned from ABC due to continuing racial harassment. (Source: Australian book review)

In an essay outlining his reasons for stepping down, Grant highlighted the distortion of his words by certain media outlets, who portrayed him as hate-filled and accused him of maligning Australia.

During his discussion with ABC, Grant shed light on the Crown’s history, focusing on how it was linked to the attack and theft of Indigenous lands.

He talked about how the Crown’s power led to his people being put on missions and reserves, children being taken away from their families by police working for the Crown, and Indigenous communities being brutally killed.

Grant’s essay addressed his decision to step down and shed light on the broader issues of media misrepresentation and the racism he has faced throughout his career.

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Stan Grant Resignation

Grant, the host of ABC’s Q&A show, has announced that he is stepping away from the network after facing racial abuse from viewers.

The abuse resulted from his focus on Aboriginal dispossession during the Coronation of King Charles III, a topic that sparked controversy.

Despite being in the role for just ten months, the journalist has decided to present his final Q&A episode on Monday before taking a break from the public broadcaster.

In a personal column published on ABC’s website, he expressed his disappointment with the network’s lack of public defense of his coverage of the historic event.

ABC's Q+A host Stan Grant
ABC’s Q+A host Grant resigns from his position (Source: News)

He criticized ABC bosses, referring to it as an ‘institutional failure’ for not standing up for him. This resignation marks a significant move for Grant, who was appointed as the permanent host of Q+A less than a year ago.

Stan, a proud Wiradjuri, Gurrawin, and Dharawal man, explained that the racial abuse and lack of public support he received following his criticism of the monarchy during ABC’s coverage of the King’s coronation led him to make the difficult decision to step down.

He will not be returning after Monday evening’s program.

Stan Grant family explored

Stan, a renowned journalist, was born on September 30, 1963, in Griffith, New South Wales, Australia. His family background is deeply rooted in the Aboriginal culture.

His father, Stan Grant Sr., was an esteemed elder of the Wiradjuri people, an Aboriginal Australian community from the inland region of New South Wales. His mother, Betty Grant, was born near Coonabarabran and was the daughter of a white woman and a Kamilaroi Aboriginal man.

Stan Grant wife
The journalist Stan and his wife Tracey Holmes (Source: ABC)

During his formative years, he spent most of his childhood in inner Victoria, where the Wiradjuri people also have ancestral ties.

In 1984, Grant marriage with Karla Grant, and they had three children together. However, their marriage ended in separation in 2000. Subsequently, he embarked on a new chapter of his personal life by entering into a relationship with fellow TV journalist Tracey Holmes.

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