Ed Ames Health 2023: Daniel Boone Star Illness And Alzheimer Disease

Ed Ames Health 2023

Late accomplished singer Ed Ames Health is a trending topic online, as his fans have been interested in learning about his illness before his demise. Ames was a known pop singer and Actor. Let’s find out about his health and death cause. 

Ames was an Actor and singer who was married twice and had three kids. The Daniel Boone star first gained recognition as the lead vocalist of the Ames Brothers, the 1950s singing group. 

The man also succeeded as a solo performer, gaining worldwide attention by appearing in the television series Daniel Boone.

He began his career in 1947. Ames’s career spanned over seven decades, and the Malden native amassed fame and success. Unfortunately, the legendary singer is no longer with us; he passed away on 21 May 2023.

Besides the man’s glorious career, Ed Ames was a loving husband and a doting father to his three children. 

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Ed Ames Health 2023: The Daniel Boone Star Illness

Reportedly, late singer and Actor Ed Ames, 95, suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Daniel Boone star’s wife, Jeanne Arnold Ames, revealed his health condition to the public. His wife announced the artist’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Ed Ames Health and illness
Ed Ames suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. (Source: The New York Times)

Well-known American-Ukranian singer Ed Ames died at his residence, in Los Angeles, California, United States, on 21 May 2023. 

Ed Ames, 95, died of a protracted battle with Alzheimer’s disease, as mentioned by various trustee sources. According to medical experts, the disease is a common type of dementia. 

The progressive conditions begin with mild memory loss and loss of the ability to respond to the environment and carry on a conversation. The disease affects a part of the brain.  

Ed Ames was an active member of the American entertainment sector. According to various sources, including the Washington Post, Ames suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

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Ed Ames Death: Where Is His Family Now?

Sadly, Daniel Boone star Eddie Ames, 95, died on 21 May 2023. Edmund Dantes Urick, shortly Ed Ames, was born to Sarah and David Urick (aka Eurich) on 9 July 1927.

He was born to Jewish parents, as his mom and dad were immigrants from Ukraine. The singer was the junior to his eight siblings (four brothers and four sisters). 

Reportedly, the singer’s family was poor. His family admitted him to Boston Public Latin School with his brother Joe. He and his siblings formed “The Ames Brothers” singing group in 1947 in Boston.

Ed Ames Death and family
Ed Ames was born into a Jewish family. (Source: The New York Times)

Singer Ed Ames married twice in his life. He tied the knot with his first wife Sara Cacheiro on 17 July 1947.

The late pop singer and Sara enjoyed their married life for 26 years. In their two-and-half decades-long marital life, they had kids and became parents.

However, his marriage with Sara couldn’t last forever; and the pair legally parted on 5 October 1973.

After his divorce, the talented singer remained single for 24 years. Eventually, Ames met his second wife, Jeanne Arnold Saviano. He tied the knot with Jeanne Arnold Sarviano in 1998.

The two remained married until death took them apart. He and Jeanne shared 25 years of marital life. However, Ames had no kids with his second spouse.

Speaking of his kids, Ames was a doting dad to his three kids – Stephen, Sonya, and Ronald. 

Reportedly, Ames also had a daughter, Marcella Ames, who passed away before him.

All of his children are grown up leading a family. The Daniel Boone star also became a grandfather. He had seven grandkids and five great-grandchildren.

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