Who Is Tito Horford Wife? Children Family And Net Worth 2023

Tito Horford Wife

Tito Horford Wife, Arelis Reynoso, is his life partner, a mother to his children, and his biggest supporter. Read more to know about his family life and net worth.

Tito Horford is a retired professional basketball player from the Dominican Republic.

In the 1988 NBA draft, Tito Horford was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round as the 39th overall pick. He became the first Dominican-born player to play in the NBA.

Tito Horford is also known for his basketball lineage. His son, Al Horford, played college basketball at the University of Florida and went on to have a successful NBA career.

He retired from professional basketball and settled in Lansing, Michigan.

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Who Is Tito Horford Wife? Family

Tito Horford was previously married to Arelis Reynoso. Tito Horford wife, Arelis Reynoso is a journalist who has worked for various newspapers, sports magazines, and news bulletins.

Not much information is available about their marriage, but they divorced in 1989. Arelis Reynoso is believed to be around 51 years old, indicating that she was born around the 1970s. Her ethnicity is described as mixed.

While Tito Horford and Arelis Reynoso’s divorce reason is not known, they have both continued their respective paths after their separation.

Tito Horford Wife
Tito Horford with his wife and 1st born child Al Horford (Source: Players Bio)

Tito Horford had a successful basketball career in the NBA, and Arelis Reynoso established herself as a journalist in the sports industry. Their children have also made names for themselves in basketball and other endeavors.

Despite their divorce, Tito and Arelis have remained connected through their children and their shared roles in their lives.

Tito Horford Children

Tito Horford is a proud father to five children. He has three sons named Jon, Josh, and Al Horford, as well as two daughters named Anna Horford and Maria Horford.

Among his children, Al Horford has made a name for himself as a highly accomplished basketball player in the NBA.

Al Horford, also known as “Big Al,” has had a successful career in the NBA, earning five NBA All-Star selections and establishing himself as a talented center and power forward.

He has played for teams like the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, and Oklahoma City Thunder. Al has also represented the Dominican Republic national basketball team since 2008.

Tito Horford Wife
Tito Horford with his son, Al Horford (Source: NBA.com)

Tito’s other son, Jon Horford, has also pursued a basketball career. He played for the University of Michigan’s basketball team as a forward before transitioning to a professional career overseas.

The Horford family’s passion for basketball runs deep, with Tito’s sons following in their father’s footsteps and making their mark in the sport.

Their achievements reflect Tito’s influence and the strong basketball legacy of the Horford family.

Tito Horford Net Worth

Tito Horford, the former basketball player, has an estimated net worth of $1 to $3 million as of now. His net worth is the result of his successful career in professional basketball and various other works.

While basketball was his primary source of income, Tito Horford may have also benefited from endorsements, investments, and other business ventures.

However, specific details about his income sources and financial activities are not readily available.

Tito Horford Wife
Tito Horford with his whole family at a game (Source: Instagram)

It’s important to note that net worth estimates can vary, and the information provided about Tito Horford’s net worth is based on available online sources and may not be verified.

Nonetheless, his achievements in the basketball arena have undoubtedly contributed to his overall financial standing.

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