Dorothy Hoffner Skydiving Video Gone Viral After Her Death At 104

Dorothy Hoffner Skydiving

Dorothy Hoffner, a 104-year-old woman who recently made a skydive attempt that could have potentially earned her a Guinness World Records title for the oldest person to parachute from an aircraft, has passed away. Find out more about Dorothy Hoffner skydiving video.

On Monday morning, Brookdale Lake View Senior Living Community staff discovered Hoffner’s lifeless body.

According to her close friend, Joe Conant, she peacefully passed away on Sunday night.

Conant, a nurse, first met Hoffner a few years ago while caring for another senior living center resident.

Hoffner had requested to be addressed as “Grandma” and impressed those who knew her with her remarkable vitality and sharpness of mind.

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Dorothy Hoffner Skydiving Video Gone Viral

The netizens wonder about Dorothy Hoffner’s skydiving video going viral online. 

On October 1st, Hoffner embarked on a tandem skydive, a daring feat that had the potential to secure her a place in the record books as the world’s most senior skydiver.

This extraordinary leap saw her exit an aircraft from an altitude of 13,500 feet at Skydive Chicago, located in Ottawa, Illinois, roughly 140 kilometers to the southwest of Chicago.

Following her victorious landing, Hoffner addressed an enthusiastic crowd, saying, “Age is merely a figure.”

Dorothy Hoffner Skydiving
                Dorothy Hoffner peacefully departed in her slumber at her residence in Chicago (Source: The New York Times

Notably, this wasn’t her first time diving into an airplane; she first experienced the thrill when she was a youthful 104-year-old.

Conant explained that he was completing the necessary paperwork to ensure that Guinness World Records officially recognized Hoffner as the world’s oldest skydiver after his death.

Moreover, the existing record was established in May 2022 by Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson of Sweden, who made their skydive of 103.

Conant explained that Hoffner’s motivation for skydiving wasn’t driven by a desire to set a record.

He said she found such immense joy in her initial skydiving experience that her only wish was to repeat the exhilarating adventure.

“Breaking records or seeking publicity held no appeal for her. Her sole reason for skydiving was her genuine desire to enjoy the thrill of the experience,” he remarked.

Dorothy Hoffner passed away at the age of 104

Skydive Chicago and the United States Parachute Association expressed their deep sadness at Hoffner’s passing and their sense of honor in contributing to the realization of her world-record skydive.

“In tandem with us, Dorothy celebrated an extraordinary skydiving feat that remains etched in our memories. Skydiving is an adventure often relegated to our bucket lists, but Dorothy’s journey reminds us that there’s no expiration date for the thrill of a lifetime. We are forever thankful for the role that skydiving played in her exciting and well-lived life,” they conveyed.

Conant noted that Hoffner dedicated over four declines to being a telephone operator at Illinois Bell, later known as AT&T, before retiring 43 years ago.

Dorothy Hoffner
                                                          Dorothy Hoffner’s legacy will be untouched (Source: Pinterest)

A lifelong resident of Chicago, she never married, and as per Conant, she had no immediate family members.

A memorial service to remember Hoffner will be conducted in early November.

“She was not just a close friend but an incredible source of inspiration,” Conant remarked.

Dorothy Hoffner family mourns 

Dorothy was deeply cherished and had an extensive circle of friends within the Chicago community. 

In addition, she possessed a warm and generous nature, complemented by a captivating smile that endeared her to all who knew her.

Online users are sharing their condolences and expressing their sympathy to the family of Hoffner.

Furthermore, her immediate family now faces the challenge of moving forward without Dorothy as they seek to overcome their profound grief.

As the news of Hoffner’s passing spread, condolences and expressions of sympathy poured in from around the world, underscoring her profound impact on those she crossed paths with.

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