Did Hilarion Heagy Convert To Islam What Is His Religion? Family Ethnicity And Nationality

Hilarion Heagy

The public and media are curious to know if the rumor that Hilarion Heagy converted to Islam is true or not. The priest has been in the spotlight since the internet surfaced the news of his conversion.

Eastern Christian priest Hilarion Heagy is well-known and resides in California. Father Heagy joined the Antiochian Orthodox Church in the early 2003s; he later left to join the Eastern Catholic Church in 2017.

After completing his studies at St. Nazianz’s Holy Resurrection Monastery, he was ordained as a Byzantine Catholic priest monk.

Moreover, the Catholic priest monk has been currently gaining the attention of people around the world as news of his conversion to another religion broke out in the news.

Did Hilarion Heagy Convert To Islam What Is His Religion?

Yes, an Eastern Christian priest changed his religion and now follows Islam as his religion. In February 2022, he gave up his Christian faith and became a Muslim.

In addition, the former chaotic monk, a leader in the Orthodox Church in America, adopted the name Said Abdul Latif after converting to Islam.

Hilarion Heagy Convert To Islam
Hilarion Heagy Convert To Islam has divided the internet with mixed opinions. (Source: Twitter)

The sources state: The former priest admitted, after much thought and reflection, that his spiritual path had brought him to Islam. He didn’t decide to formally convert to the religion until relatively recently.

Nonetheless, the controversy surrounding his conversion has raised questions about the compatibility of Christianity and Islam and whether it is feasible for someone to practice both religions with fervor. He has been criticized by some for allegedly betraying the Catholic Church, but others have shown sympathy and support for him.

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Hilarion Heagy – Family Ethnicity

The former churchman has not opened up about his family background yet. He has been maintaining privacy when it comes to this family’s personal life.

Nonetheless, it may be that the former priest does not want his family’s life to be affected by his decision, as we know that people are emotionally sensitive when it comes to changing a whole religion and can make irrational decisions towards him and his family.

Hilarion Heagy
The former priest of the Eastern Catholic Church. ( Source: Twitter)

However, there was a rumor that Hilarion was married to Aly Candland, which was the reason for him changing his religion and name. But the rumor was not verified by any strong means of media.

Moreover, the former chaotic monk has also not identified his ethnicity, as we also know that after obtaining monkhood, one should leave his family status and lifestyle to serve others and live in a temple. This may also be the reason that the former father of the church has not spoken about his family and life style before obtaining monkhood.

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Hilarion Heagy Nationality

As per the sources, the nationality of the former priest is American-Russian. He was born in Russia and later moved to America, where he worked as a priest in the American church.

Hilarion Heagy Convert To Islam
The news of Hilarion Heagy Convert To Islam has been the trending news all over the World. (Source: Twitter)

Before changing to the Antiochian Orthodox Church, Eastern Catholic Church, and finally becoming a Byzantine Catholic priest-monk, the former churchman was a Russian Orthodox Monk.

Moreover, the former father of the church has gone through spiritual changes as he has been part of three religions, from Christianity to living like a monk and exploring the religious side of Buddhism, without changing his name or handing himself over to the god of Islam.

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