Tristan Sherry Stabbing Video Twitter: Mugshot And Arrested

Tristan Sherry stabbing Video

The unsettling Tristan Sherry stabbing video, widely shared on Twitter, provides a raw insight into the tumultuous realm of Dublin’s criminal underworld.

Tristan Sherry was a 26-year-old Dublin man who was stabbed to death on Christmas Eve 2022 after opening fire with a submachine gun inside a packed steakhouse.

The brazen attack left one man critically injured and occurred in front of many families gathered for holiday celebrations.

Sherry was alleged to have been involved with criminal drug gangs and feuds across Dublin. His death has sparked fears of violent retaliation and escalation between warring factions.

Gardaí are still searching for Sherry’s missing machine pistol while conducting armed patrols to prevent further bloodshed.

With tensions high, all eyes remain on the fallout from the 26-year-old’s fatal aggression inside the restaurant that Christmas Eve.

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Tristan Sherry Stabbing Video Twitter

Tristan Sherry’s brutal death was captured on video and shared widely on social media, sparking condemnation over the promotion of graphic violence.

On Christmas Eve 2022, the 26-year-old Dublin man opened fire with a submachine gun inside a packed restaurant, critically injuring one man.

Believed to be involved with feuding gangs, he was then set upon by his victim’s associates and stabbed nearly 30 times in a fatal attack.

Video shows Sherry being beaten with a chair and kicked while covered in blood, his last moments shockingly public.

Tristan Sherry stabbing Video
A video of Tristan Sherry’s final moments of beating and stabbing to death in a Blanchardstown restaurant has been widely shared online. (Source: Speak Up)

The disturbing footage was quickly disseminated across platforms like Twitter, viewed by hundreds of thousands despite pleas from Gardaí to refrain from sharing.

While other sites removed the content, the video stayed up on Twitter for days in what officials called a refusal to uphold community standards against violence.

Horrified families had witnessed the attack unfold; now anyone could watch the brutal aftermath online. For many, it represented the platform’s inability to moderate extreme content.

Though later deleted, the Sherry stabbing video cannot be unseen and remains a vivid documentation of escalating gang warfare for those who viewed the viral brutality on Twitter.

Tristan Sherry Mugshot

Tristan Sherry’s mugshot portrays a 26-year-old with a defiant gaze, accentuated by a shaved head and distinctive neck tattoos, marking his affiliation with Dublin’s criminal circles.

His history involved serving time for drug-related offenses and alleged involvement in gang activities.

However, on Christmas Eve 2022, this tattooed figure met his demise inside a bustling restaurant, having unleashed gunfire that critically wounded another man.

Sherry’s known aggression towards rival gangs symbolized the intense, violent landscape of Dublin’s drug trade.

His actions and demise epitomized the human toll within Ireland’s Corduff feud, highlighting the grim consequences of ongoing gang conflicts in the region.

Is Tristan Sherry arrested?

Tristan Sherry’s death concluded a rap sheet accrued through gang associations since his early 20s.

Well known to Gardaí, the 26-year-old faced charges in 2018 for assaulting two officers after an arrest for theft and criminal damage. He received probation in that case.

In 2020, he drew a 10-month prison sentence for having over €2,000 worth of cocaine and heroin for sale or supply.

He had previous convictions for burglary and criminal damage as well.

Investigators believe Sherry sold drugs to gangs engaged in the deadly Corduff feud. On Christmas Eve last year, that rivalry turned a family restaurant into a crime scene.

Tristan Sherry stabbing Video
Shortly after, Tristan Sherry was swiftly subdued and allegedly subjected to nearly 30 stabbing wounds, resulting in his fatal demise. (Source:

Witnesses allege Sherry fired seven shots, grievously injuring a 47-year-old man. He was then fatally stabbed, with video of the attack spreading rapidly online.

Gardaí continue seeking his still-missing submachine gun while conducting armed patrols to prevent revenge hits.

For law enforcement, he remains a key figure in the feud’s latest flashpoint.

The Tristan Sherry case offers another chapter of drugs and brutality in Ireland’s Corduff feud, though the final page remains unwritten amid fears of retaliation.

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