Meet Katarina Carroll Husband Michael Carroll Relationship Timeline And Kids

Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service Katarina Carroll Husband

People are curious to learn about Katarina Carroll. After being enchanted by her Police service, her supporters focus on Katarina Carroll Husband, Relationship Timeline, and Children.

Katarina Ruzh Carroll, shortly Katarina Carroll, is the Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service. People have brought up her husband and relationship timeline topic in the discussion.

Katarina is of Australian origin. She is best known as a Police officer.

Also, people know her as the former Commissioner of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. She assumed the Queensland Police Commissioner Service Office on 8 July 2019.

Katarina was born on 17 November 1963. Her parents, Ivan and Antonia BoĆĄnjak, were from Bosnian Croat. She grew up in Innisfail, Queensland. Later, she moved to a tobacco farm in Innot Hot Springs.

She attended Mount Garnet State School. Carroll boarded at Mount St Bernard College, Herberton, for further education. She completed her criminal justice degree at Griffith University. 

In 2018, she was awarded the Outstanding Alumnus Award.

She is the first female commissioner of QPS. Also, Carroll was named one of The Australian Financial Review in October 2019. She received the title of the 100 Women of Influence in the Public Policy category. 

Similarly, the brave Australian female Police officer wears the Australian and Queensland awards and unit citations, including APM and National Emergency Medal, on her uniform. 

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Meet Katarina Carroll Husband Michael Carroll And Kids

APM Katarina Carroll is famous for the awards and unit citations on her uniform. She holds many medals as an Australian Police officer, including National Police Service Medal, Queensland Police Meritorious Service Medal, Queensland Police Exemplary Conduct Medal, Commonwealth Games Citation, and more. 

However, she has kept her married life under wraps in recent times. It is not new for security personals to keep their private life secret as they hold the responsibility of many people.

Perhaps, Carroll kept her husband and kids’ details to herself because of security concerns. According to Courier Mail, Carroll tied the knot with Michael Carroll in a private ceremony.

Katarina Carroll husband
Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service Katarina Carroll only reveals her professional achievements. (Source: ABC)

It is known when the two began their romantic affair. Reportedly, Carroll and her husband Michael were building a House in Brisbane in November 2014. So, her husband stayed in the capital at the time. 

However, no other sources have mentioned Carroll’s husband, and Michael’s background is a mystery. 

Similarly, Queensland Police Commissioner Carroll once received a marriage proposal. According to DailyMail, Ernest Knibbs once proposed marriage to Katarina. 

Speaking of her kids, Carroll has kept away her kids’ information away from the spotlight. 

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Katarina Carroll Relationship Timeline

There is not much to discuss when it comes to exploring Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll’s relationship timeline.

As she served as an undercover cop, she is known for keeping her dating life and other details under wraps.

Katarina Carroll Relationship Timeline
APM Katarina Carroll has not revealed her romantic affairs. (Source: ABC)

According to a DailyMail report published in April 2022, Carroll’s undercover work was so convincing that a cold-blooded killer known as Ernest Knibb once offered her an engagement ring. The article mentions that the killer even proposed to her. 

Other than that, Carroll’s relationship timeline has always been a mystery. As the security personnel are allowed to keep secrets hidden from the public, there is no way to reveal her relationship timeline. 

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