Is Raymone Jordan MSU Shooting Suspect? Shooter Age and Case Update

The police have not revealed the name of the shooting suspect. Is Raymone Jordan MSU shooting suspect? Many people on social media are speculating he is the shooter.

According to MSU, at 8:18 pm, the shots were fired inside Berkey Hall, the northern campus boundary in East Lasing.

A couple of 911 emergency calls were received by the police. They have said five people were wounded, and at least three died in the mass shooting at MSU.

A gunman at Michigan State University opened fire on Monday night, where there were several casualties, and police have urged students and other people to stay safe in their respective shelters while they look for the suspect.

With about 50,000 students, the college canceled all activities and classes for 48 hours following the mass shooting.

Police have made a separate tweet seeking help to find the shooter and updating the case.

By 10:15 pm, the police had secured all nearby residence halls and the East Lasing campus, about 145 kilometers northwest of Detriot, for searching the suspect.

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Is Raymone Jordan MSU Shooting Suspect? Shooter Age

We cannot say Raymone Jordan is the MSU shooting suspect as police have not revealed the shooter’s name but have only given brief information about the suspect.

They have described the suspect as a black male, shorter in stature, with red shoes, a jean jacket and wearing a navy baseball cap with a lighter brim.

Raymone Jordan, who people are speculating as the suspect by some sources, claims that he is 22 years, 5 foot 7 inches tall and weighs 287 lbs.

Is Raymone Jordan MSU Shooting Suspect
Photo of Raymone Jordan, who is being speculated to be the MSU shooter. (Source: Twitter)

There is no other information on the suspect, as the police have not revealed any information regarding the suspect.

We will be the first to reach out and provide the information as soon as there is an update on the case and suspect.

MSU Shooting Case Update

On Monday night at Michigan State University, a mass shooting took place that wore down students because of the hours-long saga.

All have been hiding with all the lights off in a dark room, and their cellphone was also starting to lose battery charge.

The police updated the suspect to be dead when they found the body off the campus. The reason for the day is said to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

MSU Shooting update
MSU Police and Public Safety updating on the shooting case. (Source: Twitter)

Michigan police are looking for the motive for the college mass shooting. Rozman said it was too early to know the shooter’s motive and if he had some kind of affiliation with the university.

Three people were found dead, and five injured people were sent to the Sparrow Hospital for medical assistance.

Out of five injured people, some of them have life-threatening wounds. According to the MSU police, the suspect is 43 years old and not affiliated with the college.

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