Derek Lunsford Wife Jhelsin Mabaga Pregnant: Married Life And Kids

Derek Lunsford Wife

Derek Lunsford wife, Jhelsin Mabaga, is not just a loving partner but also a fitness trainer and physical therapist, sharing both personal and professional journeys with the bodybuilding champion.

Derek Lunsford is a prominent American bodybuilder who has made a significant impact in the world of professional bodybuilding.

Lunsford’s interest in fitness and athleticism began at a young age. He was actively involved in sports during his school years, including playing soccer and wrestling.

His commitment to his training and the relentless pursuit of excellence in his physique allowed him to consistently perform well in competitions.

Over the years, he has achieved remarkable rankings in the Mr. Olympia contest, including a second-place finish in 2022, a testament to his dedication and skill in the sport.

In addition to his competitive career, Derek Lunsford is married to Jhelsin Mabaga, a fitness trainer and physical therapist. The couple tied the knot in March 2022.

Derek Lunsford’s dedication to his sport, his commitment to continuous improvement, and his positive influence on others make him a respected figure in the world of bodybuilding.

Is Derek Lunsford Wife Jhelsin Mabaga Pregnant?

As of the latest updates, it has been confirmed that Jhelsin Mabaga, the wife of renowned bodybuilder Derek Lunsford, is indeed pregnant.

The couple, who got married in March 2022, is eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child, who is expected to be born in January 2024.

Jhelsin Mabaga, who is not only Derek’s wife but also a fitness trainer and physical therapist, has been sharing her pregnancy journey with her online audience.

Derek Lunsford Wife
Derek Lunsford wife, Jhelsin Mabaga shared the exciting news on social media, revealing that they are expecting their first child together. (Source: Instagram)

Through her candid updates and photos, she has offered a glimpse into her experiences during this special time in her life.

Her posts reflect her excitement, from tracking the growth of their baby to discussing the physical and emotional changes she’s going through.

Derek and Jhelsin’s journey into parenthood has been a source of joy for them and their supporters, and they are eagerly awaiting the day they become parents.

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Married Life Of Derek Lunsford AndJhelsin Mabaga

Derek Lunsford and Jhelsin Mabaga, who officially became husband and wife in March 2022, have embarked on a journey of married life full of love, support, and shared ambitions.

The couple’s love story began when Derek sent a friend request to Jhelsin on Facebook, and they started dating a month later.

After Derek’s career took him to Florida, Jhelsin moved with him, emphasizing the strength of their bond and their commitment to each other.

Derek Lunsford Wife
Derek Lunsford and Jhelsin Mabaga got married on March 12, 2022, after years of being together. (Source: Celebseek)

They currently reside together in their Florida home, continuing to support each other personally and professionally.

Their marriage is marked by not only their shared passion for fitness and bodybuilding but also their dreams and aspirations as a couple.

With the news of their impending parenthood, their love story continues to evolve, and their fans eagerly await the next chapter in their journey.

Derek Lunsford Kids

As of the latest information, Derek Lunsford and his wife Jhelsin Mabaga are expecting their first child. This marks a new chapter in their lives as they prepare to become parents.

The couple announced that they are going to welcome their first child on New Year’s, with the due date set for January 1, 2024.

While Derek and Jhelsin have not yet become parents, the anticipation of their first child’s arrival has been a source of joy and excitement for them.

Derek Lunsford Wife
Derek and Jhelsin have expressed their excitement about becoming parents, sharing their joy with their fans and followers. (Source: Essentially Sports)

Their journey into parenthood will likely bring new experiences, challenges, and blessings, and their fans are eagerly awaiting updates on this significant milestone.

There is no information available about any additional kids in Derek Lunsford’s family. Their focus appears to be on their first child and the preparations for parenthood.

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