Who Is Alisha Wainwright Boyfriend? Age Height And Instagram

Alisha Wainwright

Alisha Wainwright Boyfriend is the most searched topic on the internet, with many wanting to know if she is taken or still available. This article will provide further insight into her Age, height and Instagram.

Alisha Ena Wainwright is respected in American acting circles for her dynamic contribution to the television industry.

She has held leadership roles in Shadowhunters (2017-2019) and Raising Dion (2019-2022), where she currently stars as an integral character.

A big break came for Wainwright in 2012 when she performed brilliantly on a Smoshs YouTube web comedy sketch. She followed up with guest-starring performances on massively successful shows such as Criminal Minds and Lethal Weapon.

Truly a natural performer, the Actress has shown immense versatility whether portraying believable characters from dramatic genres or fantasy realms; her ability to captivate audiences is impressive and inspiring.

Who Is Alisha Wainwright Boyfriend?

Alisha Wainwright, the acclaimed American Actress recognized for playing notable roles in Shadowhunters and Raising Dion, is currently single and has chosen not to reveal whether or not she is dating someone publicly.

Throughout her career journey, she believes it’s better to keep things private regarding matters of love and relationships; hence no revelation concerning any romantic intimations can ever be traced back to her.

 Alisha Wainwright Boyfriend
Alisha Wainwright Breaks Silence on Justin Timberlake Cheating Scandal. (source: marieclaire)

In 2019 controversial rumors spread like wildfire that she was involved with fellow Actor Justin Timberlake from the film Palmer; nonetheless, nobody confirmed this particular claim from either side.

Alisha Wainwright maintains a considerable distance between public glare on sensitive topics related to personal affection affairs instead of focusing on making new strides about boosting up an already flourishing career as an Actress.

Consequently, no one can claim complete knowledge of whether she is currently dating since there are no confirmations.

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Alisha Wainwright Age and Height

A beautiful Actress from America, Alisha Wainwright, was born on July 14th, 1989 which means that as of 2024, she’s 34 years old.

Standing at five feet five inches (165 cm), Alisha weighs approximately fifty-five kilos (121 lbs). She has an irresistible figure with body measurements of 34 26 34, owing to her slim physique.

Additionally, long black curly hair alongside captivating brown eyes remains another facet of this Actor’s charm.


From Orlando, Florida, Alisha is originally of Jamaican Mother and Haitian Father descent, who played an essential part during her upbringing.

During her days at University, she started considering acting after engaging in botany courses. This led to moving out to the Bay Area, which marked the beginning of her successful film career.

From starting with YouTube projects like “Smosh” back in 2012 up until landing roles such as “Murder on Her Mind” “Second Rate Deal,” “Save Her,” and “Candid,” amongst others- Alisha has been carving herself a deserving space within the acting industry.

Alisha Wainwright Instagram

Alisha Wainwright is a vibrant personality on social media whose active Instagram account boasts verified blue tick status.

She has amassed a great fan base of 719K followers by sharing diverse aspects of personal and professional facets through the platform in just 112 posts.

The Actress loves to display her creativity by crafting intriguing TikTok videos frequently.

Alisha Wainwright
Alisha Wainwright’s verified instagram account. (Source: Instagram)

Her captivating self-portraits, full of vitality while flaunting her trendy fashion sense mixed with flashes of scenic travels, make up most of the feed alongside clips from videos/movies showcasing excellent acting skills.

With frequent updates on what happens behind the scenes during shoots etc., Alisha keeps connected to fans via the app, using it to engage more profoundly while delivering artistic expressions effectively.

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