Cyrus MN: Bryan Nygard Obituary – How Did He Die? Age And Wikipedia

Bryan Nygard

Bryan Nygard obituary has been the most searched topic on the internet since the news outlet revealed that he is the suspect in the shooting and killing of an officer. This article will provide you with insight on his age and Wikipedia as well.

On April 15, 2023, the news circulated that a police officer named Joshua Owen was killed, and later the identity of the suspect who shot the officer was revealed to be Bryan Nygard.

The incident had injured two other people as well. After being shot three times, deputy Joshua Owen subsequently passed away at a hospital.

The local people are devastated by the news and want to know more about the killer of the Pope County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Cyrus MN: Bryan Nygard Obituary – How Did He Die?

Bryan Nygard was a man from Cyrus, which is a city in Pope County, Minnesota, United States. He died on April 15, 2023.

The cause of death was the crossfire that happened between the shooter and the police officers Owen and Merill.

Bryan Nygard
The police officer’s arrived at the killer’s house after they received a call regarding Domestic voilence. (Source: Fox 4 News)

As per the reports, the deputy officers reached Nygaard’s house after they received a call regarding domestic violence.

After their arrival, the officers informed the killer that he was under arrest while he stood from his table, drew a gun, and started shooting.

Which eventually led the officers to fire back. Owen, who had been shot three times, subsequently passed away in the hospital, while Nygard passed away at the scene.

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Bryan Nygard Age – revealed

There has not been any information about the killer’s whereabouts on the internet yet. However, as per the sources, he identifies himself as 34 years old and died on the spot of the incident on Saturday.

Officials on Wednesday released the identity of the man who was fatally shot on Saturday after opening fire on cops in Cyrus, a tiny community in central west Minnesota, who had been called to a domestic dispute.

Bryan Nygard
Pope County Sheriff’s Deputy, Joshua Anthony Owen who was killed by Bryan Nygard. (Source: Hoplin Funeral Home)

Around 7:30 on Saturday night, the cops responded to a domestic incident at an apartment complex. Where they found Bryan and a woman in the apartment.

Moreover, the officer has recovered the camera footage from the police officer’s body and will be reviewing it for more information.

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Bryan Nygard Wikipedia – explored

There has been little information revealed other than the age and address of the killer.

As per the reports, the man lived in an apartment in Cyrus. The information about the woman who was with him in his place has not been revealed yet. Thus, it is not clear if she was his wife or someone else.

Bryan Nygard Obituary
Bryan died on the spot after the officer returned fire. (Source: ABC)

The shooter’s academic qualification and occupation are also unknown to date. There has been no family identity revealed by the authorities about him.

The police officer has recovered a pistol, bullets, and cartridge casings at the scene. The man died on April 15, 2023, in his apartment after being shot in crossfire with the police.

Moreover, the 34-year-old man is accused of killing a Pope County Sheriff’s Deputy and injuring two others as well.






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