Rubi Rose Scandal: Leaked Video Viral On Telegram

Rubi Rose scandal

Rubi Rose Scandal: The 2023 scandal involving a stolen video of Rubi Rose sparked heated discussions and ethical issues in the entertainment industry.

Rapper and model Rubi Rose Benton first gained attention in 2016 when she appeared in a popular music video.

She then started releasing her music in 2018. Her 2020 mixtape brought more success, as did joining the adult site that same year.

Benton continues to find new opportunities, including cameos and record deals. She signed with a major label in 2023 to release an album preceded by a new single.

Benton has explored music, modeling, and business pursuits throughout her career.

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Rubi Rose Scandal

Rose shared messages from a guy who spends a lot on her adult site. She posted them on her X page, which used to be called Twitter, last Tuesday.

The guy sent Rose long messages expressing love and wanting her attention. He mentioned investing much money in their relationship and asked why she wasn’t responding.

He also questioned why she didn’t love him as much as he loved her. Interestingly, he doesn’t have an OnlyFans account but calls himself a “crypto whale” with much money to spend on Rose.

Moreover, the messages he sent to Rose expressed his desire to marry her, be the king to her queen, and his willingness to empty his bank account to be with her.

Rubi Rose scandal
                                                                    Rubi’s DMs are going viral on the social networking sites (Source: Pinterest)

In a photo shared by Rose on December 1 on X (formerly Twitter), she confirmed that Brandon is her top spender on the adult site.

After splurging at least $60,000 on rapper Rubi Rose within a month, a devoted OnlyFans follower is taking his admiration to the extreme by getting a facial tattoo of her.

He was instructed to ink her face permanently after intimate exchanges with the model. Currently, he holds the position of Rose’s top spender on the adult site.

Furthermore, the internet model shared footage of the tattoo on Telegram and additional texts from Brandon professing his love. Further details about the Rubi Rose scandal have not been revealed.

Rubi Rose Leaked Video Viral On Telegram

A video of Rubi was stolen and shared on Telegram, causing many problems for her. People are talking about it a lot, and it upsets her fans and the online community.

People are worried about how public figures like her can keep their personal lives private in the digital age.

The video has been spread widely on Telegram, and many people are discussing whether it’s right or wrong to share it without permission. This has led to debates about the ethics of sharing private stuff without asking.

Rubi Rose scandal
                                                                   Rubi openly shares her DMs with her top fans on her adult site. (Source: hnhh)

Because of this video, Rose’s private space on Telegram has been invaded, and it’s making a lot of people angry on other social media sites.

People on Telegram are sharing and talking about the video, making it even more widespread and impactful.

This situation shows how hard it is for famous people like Rose to keep their private lives safe in the fast-changing online world.

People are now talking about social media platforms’ responsibilities, how they can stop sharing things without permission, and why privacy is so important when videos like this get shared.

rubi rose controversy

Rubi noted the man’s name in her phone as “Brandon weird OF fan.” As they talk, the man says he will surprise her to show that he’s committed.

In a video that goes along with the messages, he shows off a large tattoo of Rubi’s face on his leg, which makes it noticeable.

With the comment, “Tat my face on you, so I know it’s real,” Rubi posted this to Twitter. All of the fans are worried about the man; one even joked, saying, ” bro spent 60k+ to be saved as ‘Brandon weird OF fan.'”

Fans have been amused and have engaged in extensive online discussions about the situation.

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