Keffals Cocaine Addiction Allegations, True or False – Twitch Drama And GoFundMe Details

Internet users have been buzzing about Keffals Cocaine. The Twitch streamer, a content creator, is under Fire for her Twitter posts depicting her suffering from Drug Addiction.

 Online users are accusing Keffals of being scammers. The Canadian streamer also made headlines in August 2022 after receiving abuse because of some online transphobic content.

To exemplify in detail, Keffals’ real name is Clara Sorrenti. She has identified herself as a transsexual. Likewise, she is also well-known for her trans activism but has received much troll attention in the past.

On the other hand, as Keffals is also a political commentator, Canadian authorities took her into custody following a swatting incident.

Keffals was upset, claiming in a YouTube video that she was locked out of her accounts and terrified by the Police because she was still a suspect in an inquiry. She took a stance for herself, saying she did not commit the crime.

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Are Keffals Cocaine Addiction Allegations True or False?

Keffals Cocaine Addiction allegations are true because she disclosed that she struggles with drug addiction. Many online users have accused her of being a scammer.

Screenshots on the tweets imply she spent all the money intended to pay for her legal drug bills.

Keffals Cocaine
Trans Twitch streamer Keffals was compelled to leave the nation due to hatred and death threats. (Source: Pink News)

The claims that she was being dishonest with the money from the Campaign have begun to gather popularity as connections with renowned gambling addict and self-described fraudster Its Sliker star circulate.

Sliker has also fueled his gambling addiction by E-begging, getting sympathy votes from people.

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Keffals Cocaine: Twitch Drama And GoFundMe Details Explained

As the rumors and words of her addiction spread, comments on Sorrenti’s GoFundMe effort, which took place around the same time, have swamped her replies with claims of fraud and scam.

ChudLogic, who just got out of jail, talked about the possible effects of the drug addiction narrative on the fact that she conducted a GoFundMe campaign at the same time as the drug usage in the article.

Keffals Cocaine
Keffals had once provided a list of the vulgarities she frequently receives from these people. The ban appears to have been issued as a direct consequence of this. Keffals claims that the insults were made expressly for him and “were copied directly from a hate forum.” (Source: We got this covered)

He questioned if the $100 thousand and more raised had been utilized in any way to support her addiction or if she further used it to buy more drugs. Questions on whether she used the money on drugs have been circulating online. 

Also, she apologized for her erratic behavior because she explained how substance use had affected it. She also said she is looking into inpatient rehab. Then she concluded that she won’t use Twitter for a while now.

On the contrary, the 28-year-old Canadian streamer from Ontario is still being questioned for the GoFundMe effort because she has not yet responded to any of the scam claims made against her.

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