Cody Ko Parents: Greg Kolodziejzyk And Helen Kolodziejzyk

Cody Ko parents

Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk, also known as Cody Ko, is a Canadian content creator active on YouTube and a podcaster and rapper. Who are Cody Ko parents? Find out. 

His content style is often characterized by crude humor and profanity. 

As of April 2021, his collection of five YouTube channels has amassed over 9.37 million subscribers and 1.86 billion views. 

After completing his computer science degree at Duke University, Kolodziejzyk worked as a mobile developer. 

He gained popularity by posting videos on Vine, acquiring nearly two million followers before the platform’s closure in 2017. 

Subsequently, he transitioned to uploading commentary videos on YouTube. 

Collaborating with fellow YouTuber Noel Miller, they co-hosted shows like “That’s Cringe” and the “Tiny Meat Gang Podcast,” contributing to their popularity. 

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Cody Ko Parents: Greg Kolodziejzyk And Helen Kolodziejzyk

The YouTuber, podcaster, and rapper Cody Ko’s parents are Greg Kolodziejzyk and Helen Kolodziejzyk. 

Additionally, Cody Ko is grateful to have his parents Helen and Greg Kolodziejzyk’s unwavering support, whom he expresses appreciation for in his videos.

Cody has a positive relationship with his parents, who he incorporates into his podcasts.

While details on their careers remain private, Cody shows how much he cherishes his parents’ backing.

Cody Ko parents
Cody Ko’s parents are Greg and Helen Kolodziejzyk (Source: Instagram)

By including them in his online content, he shows they play an integral part in his world, even if they stay behind the scenes.

Cody Ko’s parents have undoubtedly encouraged his pursuits, though they keep details of their lives confidential.

Kolodziejzyk’s father, Greg, was a prominent Canadian cyclist and businessperson.

His mother, Helen, is also an entrepreneur. Cody’s birth name was Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk before adopting Cody Ko.

Cody Ko siblings 

Cody Ko was born Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk on November 22, 1990, in Calgary, Canada, to parents Greg and Helen Kolodziejzyk, entrepreneurs and cyclists. He has one sister named Krista.

So Cody’s parents are Greg and Helen Kolodziejzyk, and he has a sister called Krista.

Krista’s appearances in Cody’s videos highlight their tight-knit bond without requiring them to relinquish privacy.

Therefore, through his gracious praise, Cody affirms just how blessed he feels to have such a loving sister in his corner.

Cody Ko parents
Cody Ko has one sister named Krista Kolodziejzyk (Source: Instagram)

Cody Ko’s sister Krista has appeared in several of his YouTube videos. Cody and Krista share a playful, light-hearted sibling dynamic in these videos.

Krista has made cameos in her brother’s online content, showing the pair joking around and enjoying spending time together.

Their interactions come across as an affectionate brother-sister relationship.

Cody Ko family

In addition, the famous and renowned YouTuber and podcaster Cody began dating fellow YouTuber Kelsey Kreppel in September 2017 after meeting that June. 

In 2018, they moved in together in Marina del Rey, and Kelsey regularly appeared in Cody’s videos. 

By 2020, the beautiful couple had purchased their first home together in Venice. 

After four years of dating, the content creator proposed to Kelsey in December 2021. 

Cody Ko parents
Cody Ko is happily married to his wife Kelsey (Source: Instagram)

Their wedding occurred on February 4, 2023, at the Sands Hotel and Spa in Indian Wells. 

Soon after, in March, Cody and Kelsey listed their Venice house for $4.3 million upon buying a new home in Malibu. 

The comedian and TV personality Cody recently revealed that he and Kelsey will have a baby. 

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