Rahul Dev Journalist Wikipedia And Age: Wife And Net Worth

Rahul Dev Journalist Wikipedia

Rahul Dev is a famous Indian journalist and language activist. He has made significant strides in his career. So, supporters want to know about Rahul Dev Journalist Wikipedia, age, and married life. 

Well-known Indian journalist and language activist Rahul Dev advises Speaker’s Research Initiative. Shri Rahul Dev is an honorary advisor at Speaker’s Research Initiative.

Moreover, the eminent journalist has worked in the fields of public health, development, media training & ethics, preservation and promotion of several Indian languages.

Shree Dev is a known name and face in journalism. He covers both print and television. He has at least 40 years of experience in the journalism field. 

Likewise, the Indian journalist covers domestic and international sections. Besides, the journalist has worked for several Indian media houses.

In addition, Dev promoted Indian languages and other health and development projects. 

However, the language activist caught up in recent resignation rumors. The honorary advisor’s departure could be a huge loss to Indian media.

He has been highlighted as people wanted to know more about the Indian journalist. Let’s find out more about Rahul Dev journalist Wikipedia page and age.

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Rahul Dev Journalist Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He?

Indian journalist Rahul Dev is a skilled team member. He is also an experienced professional honorary advisor. He specializes in the promotion of several Indian languages. 

As mentioned by the sources, he has experience getting the latest development stories for the network. Similarly, his background in the media field excelled his career.

Likewise, he served as the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the CNEB channel. 

Previously, he worked for various media houses. He left the networks due to some contemporary issue. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, Dev is based in Gurgaon, India. He is an advisor at SGT University. 

The man is also a managing trustee at Samayak foundation, a non-profit organization working in the fields of public health, media training & ethics, development, preservation, and promotion of Indian languages.

Likewise, experienced journalist Rahul Dev has worked with NACO, UNDP, UNICEF, UNAIDS, and more.

He is passionate about his media career. Big-name networks like Aaj Samaj and CNEB news channel hire him and uses his talents. 

Also, he served as an executive producer for Aaj Tak TV India for 2 years, from 1997 to 1999. 

It is always comforting to see people do good in what they love doing the most. Similarly, Rahul Dev chose the career path he was passionate about. 

Rahul Dev Journalist Wikipedia
Rahul Dev Journalist Wikipedia: The Indian journalist speaking on the linguistics of saving a nation at TEDxYouth. (Source: YouTube)

Regarding his education, Rahul Dev completed his MA in English Literature in 1979. He began his course in 1977 at Lucknow University. 

Most readers might be unaware of his residence. Describing in brief, Rahul travels to various regions of India.

Dev’s love for work led to a successful career. Unfortunately, the man has not revealed his birthday. Some sources claim the Indian journalist to be in his early 40s as of this writing. 

The skillful man has invested much time and effort as an advisor at SGT University, marking excellent achievements

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Rahul Dev Wife And Married Life

Famous Indian journalist Rahul Dev’s wife is spotlighted as he impresses audiences with his excellent work skills.

It might be an exciting fact for his supporters as the advisor is taken. Reportedly, Rahul Dev tied the knot, but details regarding his wife are unknown to the media. 

The journalist could be a part of a sweet family. Perhaps, he is a responsible husband. However, he has remained tight-lipped regarding his married life.

Perhaps, the man likes to keep his family details under wraps.

However, little is revealed about Rahul Dev and his wife’s married life, as the two prefer a low-key life away from the spotlight. Some sources suggest that his wife is an avid supporter of her husband.

Net Worth Of Rahul Dev

Rahul Dev has marked excellence working for various media houses and news publications.

Unfortunately, the Indian journalist has yet to reveal his net worth, but seeing his work experience, he might receive a decent paycheque for his job. 

According to GlassDoor, an average salary of a journalist in India is ₹3,52,981 per month. Perhaps, Dev’s earnings could increase or decrease based on his skillset and experience.

Rahul Dev Journalist Wikipedia and net worth
Rahul Dev Journalist Wikipedia and net worth: He is the honorary advisor and language activist at SRI. (Source: YouTube)

Likewise, no media outlets have mentioned Rahul Dev’s net worth as of this writing. A few online sources have suggested the fortune of people with similar names. However, the figure seems doubtful as it is not confirmed.

Similarly, Rahul Dev has gained the attention of a few internet users who love his work. Perhaps, his net worth might grow at full tilt with his new-found fame.

Also, he is passionate about his work and delivers his skills. 

Rahul Dev’s credibility deserves fame and fortune, and his working passion delivers his skills, fitting the network’s standards.

He has cemented his way into the news portals and advisory work.

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