Chay Bowskill Parents: Mum Katherine Norris And Dad

Chay Bowskill

If you are eager to learn about Chay Bowskill parents, then you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss Chay Bowskill’s personal and professional life. 

Chay Bowskill is a 20-year-old from Syston, Leicestershire, who gained notoriety for his criminal actions in September 2020.

He was convicted of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend, Angel Lynn, and Rocco Sansome, his accomplice. The duo forcefully took Lynn, who later fell out of the van while trying to escape, leading to life-threatening injuries.

Similarly, the incident sparked outrage and disgust across the nation, with people calling for justice for Angel Lynn. The authorities arrested and charged Bowskill and Sansome, and they were subsequently convicted for their crimes.

Likewise, the kidnapping and the subsequent injuries that Angel Lynn suffered significantly impacted her life, and the incident will always remain a dark chapter in the history of Chay Bowskill.

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Chay Bowskill Parents 

According to some reports, Chay Bowskill’s mother is Katherine Norris. However, no other personal details are available about her or Bowskill’s Father. It is unclear whether Norris raised Bowskill alone or if Bowskill’s Father was involved in his life.

It appears that Bowskill gained notoriety for his criminal actions in September 2020, and any further personal or professional information remains undisclosed.

Chay Bowskill Parents
Lynn suffered severe injuries after falling from Bowskill’s van. (source: thesun)

Likewise, it is understandable that people may be curious about Bowskill’s background and upbringing, but until further information is revealed by either Bowskill himself or the authorities, it is impossible to provide any additional details.

We must also respect the privacy of any individuals who may be related to or associated with Bowskill. They may not wish to be involved or associated with the actions for which he gained notoriety.

Mum Katherine Norris And Dad

As previously stated, there is no information about Chay Bowskill’s parents, family, or personal life beyond his mother’s name.

It appears that he gained notoriety for his criminal actions in September 2020, and beyond that, no further personal or professional information is available.

However, his mother, Kathy Norris, spoke publicly about her son after he was jailed for kidnapping his ex-girlfriend Angel Lynn, who suffered catastrophic brain injuries after falling from their van.

Norris shared with The Sun Online that her son had been in prison twice before his third incarceration.

She also expressed her devastation and disbelief over what happened to Lynn, whom she knew well and described as a “lovely, beautiful girl.”

While this information sheds a little more light on Bowskill’s background, it is essential to respect the privacy of his family and any individuals associated with him.

Chay Bowskill case details

Chay Bowskill’s criminal actions caused significant harm to his ex-girlfriend, Angel Lynn, and resulted in a highly publicized legal case.

Bowskill’s kidnapping of Lynn in September 2020 led to Lynn suffering catastrophic brain injuries after she fell from the van.

Eventually, Bowskill was convicted of kidnapping, coercive and controlling behavior, and perverting the course of justice in January 2022. He was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for these crimes.

Chay Bowskill
Lynn’s parents have spoken out about the devastating impact of Bowskill’s actions. (source: thesun)

However, the Solicitor General referred Bowskill’s case to the Court of Appeal in March 2022, stating that the initial sentence was unduly lenient.

The Court of Appeal subsequently increased Bowskill’s sentence to 12 years and three months, reflecting the seriousness of his crimes. His accomplice in the kidnapping, Rocco Sansome, was also found guilty and received a 21-month prison sentence.

Lynn’s parents have spoken out about the devastating impact of Bowskill’s actions and their daughter’s severe injuries.

In addition to his conviction for kidnapping, Bowskill was involved in a separate case where he was part of a gang that stole 51 high-performance cars.

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