Lisa Hazard Missing Case Update, Husband And Children Revealed

Lisa Hazard

If you are wondering about Lisa Hazard missing case, you have come to the right place, as this article will provide information regarding Lisa’s husband and children as well.

A relative of the young child who was allegedly murdered by the son of a Boston Red Sox star before the son committed suicide describes him as a “beast.”

The deceased son, George Scott III, aged 54, and his son, Dante, were discovered dead in their New Bedford, Massachusetts, residence on Friday, as reported by authorities.

The tragic event occurred after authorities recently searched Scott’s home in connection with the disappearance of Dante’s mother, Lisa Hazard, aged 29, in March 2019.

Scott was considered a person of interest in Hazard’s disappearance. The child’s death occurred the day after his eighth birthday, according to relatives.

In response to the news of the apparent murder-suicide, Lisa Hazard’s aunt, Crystal Wohlgemuth, strongly criticized Scott in a social media post, suggesting that she believes Scott III also killed her niece and then took the life of their shared son before ending his own life to avoid being apprehended.

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Lisa Hazard Missing Case Update 

Wohlgemuth expressed her desire for the truth to be revealed, stating that the individual in question, George Scott III, was responsible for the tragic deaths of her beautiful niece and her handsome son.

She described this revelation as one of the saddest days of her life, as she had suspected all along that George had played a significant role in her niece’s disappearance.

She also claimed to have repeatedly informed her niece that George was the person responsible and that once he realized he was being exposed, he would face imprisonment.

Lisa Hazard missing
‘Worst Possible Outcome’: Loved Ones Lament Over Death Of Lisa Hazard’s Son (Source: Daily Voice)

Furthermore, Wohlgemuth criticized the investigators involved in the case of Hazard’s disappearance.

Hazard, a young mother, was last seen leaving her mother’s residence in Fall River, Massachusetts, on March 5, 2019.

Wohgemuth expressed her deep devastation, stating that it was already known that George was responsible. Further details about Lisa Hazard missing case are not known as of now.

Lisa Hazard husband

Scott, who allegedly committed the murder-suicide, was the offspring of George Boomer Scott, a renowned former Red Sox Hall of Famer.

According to the sources, Lisa was in the process of recovering from drug addiction when she went missing.

She was supposed to go to a drug rehabilitation center after leaving Scott’s place, as mentioned in her missing person’s case.

Lisa Hazard
Son of former Red Sox star allegedly killed his 8-year-old boy in murder-suicide; was ‘person of interest in the disappearance of child’s mom (Source: Law & Crime)

Lisa’s brother expressed that she had begun to miss significant occasions, including their mother’s birthday, her son’s birthday, and Mother’s Day, which was unusual for her as she had always prioritized family.

These statements were shared with the NBC affiliate in October of the previous year.

Lisa Hazard children revealed

Lisa Hazard and Scott had a son named Dante, who was only eight years old at the time when he was murdered by his father himself.

In 2019, family members disclosed that Hazard, who was in recovery from drug addiction, had been displaying erratic behavior.

Lisa Hazard
8-Year-OId Son Of Missing Woman Found Dead Inside (Source: Daily Voice)

In 2021, Scot III was last known to be involved in presenting an NFT collection featuring his father, who was a notable member of the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame.

He has also created a Twitter page for a podcast called “Boomer’s Base,” referring to his late father’s nickname. However, it appears that no episodes of the podcast were released.

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