Sinder Vtuber Face Reveal Gender Age Height And Wikipedia Bio

Sinder Vtuber Face Reveal

Sinder is an American independent Vtuber who illustrates a Hellhound character. People are curious to know what she looks like in real life. To know more about Sinder Vtuber face reveal continue reading the article below.

Vtubers or virtual YouTubers are online personalities who use digital avatars or characters to create content and interact with their audience.

Sinder is also a streamer who streams on twitch and posts videos on her Youtube channel. She has played Fall guys with over 50 Vtubers, including Lori, Ashelia Rinkou, Non-Anon, Mew Horizon, mom0ki, Emma Oumiya, and many more.

Many Teitch users, including Vtubers like Sinder, are known for using animated 2D characters to represent themselves on their channels rather than revealing their real identities.

This creates a sense of curiosity among viewers who want to know more about the person behind the avatar. It can be a strategy to make the viewers stick around the channel to see the real person behind the screen.

Sinder Vtuber Face Reveal

It seems that the Vtuber has not revealed her identity on any of her social media accounts. She appears to be quiet about her identity and does not share personal information with her audience.

It appears that Sinder revealed her face to a youtube named @Evanit0 in a short video he posted on YouTube.

Sinder Vtuber Face Reveal
Sinder Vtuber dressed up as a bottom for a Halloween party but covered her Face. (source: Twitter)

However, in @Evanit0’s reaction video, only his face is shown, not Sinder’s. He expressed his surprise at seeing her face and said, “Sinder is hot as F,” in a shocked tone.

Moreover, going anonymous for a Vtuber is not a new concept in the community. Many have not revealed their faces for public attention as it generates more interest among the fans.

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Sinder Gender, Age, and Height

Sinder’s exact age and birth details are not publicly available, but it has been reported that she celebrates her birthday every year on September 14th.

While her age remains unknown, her birthday provides a point of interest for her fans to celebrate and appreciate her on her special day.

Hence, her decision to keep her age private could be a strategic move to maintain her anonymity around her personality.

Sinder is a female streamer who enjoys playing her character as a Hellhound, using her own female voice. Her willingness to open up about her gender and identity may also help to inspire and empower other female gamers and content creators in the online community.

According to a tweet by Sinder herself, she has shared some information about her height. As stated in her tweet, Sinder is approximately 5’5.5″ tall, equivalent to approximately 166.37 cm. 

However, Sinder also mentions that her shoes make her a little taller, which indicates she might wear shoes with a bit of heel or some elevated footwear.

Sinder Vtuber Wikipedia Bio

Sinder is a popular Vtuber who has collaborated with several other Vtubers, including FalseEyeD, Omi VT, Valak, Phoenix, Kooji, etc. 

The popular Vtuber’s character was designed and created by NanolessP and rigged by NeykaSoul, while BriAtCookieBox rigged her chibi model.

According to her backstory, Sinder is a spirited wolf girl expelled from Hell for being too kind. she can transform into her “hellhound” wolf form and control, shape, and summon fire at will.

Sinder Vtuber Face Reveal
Sinder has a youtube channel with 62.2k subscribers. (source: Youtube)

In addition to her successful Vtubing career, she has also been in controversies. On February 16, 2023, she uploaded a metal cover of CPR-Cupcake, which received criticism from many Twitter users.

However, Sinder received support from other Vtubers, such as Mana Futakuchi, Vienna, and Aoki Sugi, who defended her from the hateful comments.

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