Capasso Triplets Before Plastic Surgery – Real Name Partners And Family

Capasso Triplets

Capasso Triplets Before Plastic Surgery has been the most searched topic on the internet. This article will provide you with insights on their real names, partners, and families.

The Capasso Triplets are well-known to the public because of the TLC program Extreme Sisters, in which sets of sisters discuss their special bond in-depth, some of which may seem severe and intense by conventional standards.

The sisters share their extreme sharing habits with each other and share everything. They live together and do everything together.

Moreover, the Triples have captured the attention of many with their personality as a whole, leaving the fans wondering whether they have undergone plastic surgery.

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Capasso Triplets Before Plastic Surgery

The sisters have mentioned that they have been doing everything together since birth and wanted everything identical. They have also had other plastic surgery together.

As revealed in the show, one of the sisters from the triplets had already undergone breast surgery to get the ideal body that she wanted.

Capasso Triplets
The Capasso Triplets who has gained fame for there extreme bond. (Source:

However, there is no confirmation of whether the other two sisters have had the same surgery. Still, they have shared that they wanted to do cosmetic surgery to match the breast size of the other sister, who has already undergone the procedure.

In addition, the Capasso Triplets have always been vocal about their sharing habits in the TV series they gain popularity from.

Capasso Triplets – Real Name and Partners

The real names of the triplets from the TLC television show “Extreme Sisters“ are Hannah Capasso, Katherine Capasso, and Nadia Capasso.

According to Distractify, they are 25 years old and live together in Staten Island, New York. The public stars have been gaining a lot of attention from the public for their sharing habits and looks.

Capasso Triplets
The triplets from the TLC television show “Extreme Sisters“: are Hannah Capasso, Katherine Capasso, and Nadia Capasso. (Source:

The fans are curious to know about the triplet’s romantic relationship. However, they have not given any insights about their personal and love lives on their social media platforms yet. Thus, the relationship status of the triplets is unknown.

Moreover, it looks like the sisters are currently focused on their professional careers. They have been quite active on their social media platforms lately and have attracted much attention.

Furthermore, apart from making dance videos and other content for their Instagram and TikTok accounts, they are also active on Twitch, where they live stream their games.

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Capasso Triplets – Family

The triplets were born and raised in Staten Island, New York, by their father, Mr. Capasso, and mother, Donna Capasso.

The trio’s mother was seen in the series with the triplets, where they said they wanted cosmetic surgery on their breasts.

Their mother seems to support their career path and can encourage them to work hard for their livings.

Capasso Triplets Before
The trio who has been inseparable since birth and does every thing together. (Source: The U.S Sun)

However, the triplets have not shared much about their father in the show and kept their family life off social media platforms.

According to The U.S Sun, the trio also has an older sister named Regina Capasso. But they are only close to each other and have always been together, doing everything as one.

Moreover, the triplets have not shared much about their relationship with other house members than with themselves.

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