Dave Roever Wikipedia Bio – Who Is He? Wife Age And Children

Dave Roever

Dave is an influential and uplifting public speaker who uses engaging humor to share his powerful story. Viewers want to know about Dave Roever Wikipedia details.

He delivers inspirational speeches to a range of audiences, including churches, public schools, youth groups, and men’s and business conventions.

He also inspires military personnel worldwide, even in war zones such as Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

Since 2007, he has led an organization called Operation Warrior RECONnect, which helps restore hope, provide tools for success, and offer training to wounded warriors, ensuring they have a meaningful future.

Dave’s organization runs two Eagles Summit Ranch facilities in Colorado and south Texas to support this mission.

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Dave Roever Wikipedia Bio – Who Is He?

The people who are inspired by the former U.S. Navy Veteran want to know about Dave Roever Wikipedia details.

As per the sources, before he joined the United States Navy, he used to study at Bible College; however, there is no proof of him passing any exams that year.

Roever spent his childhood in South Texas in a family of ministers. During the Vietnam War, he received his draft notice, and instead of serving in the infantry, he opted to join the U.S. Navy.

He became a riverboat gunner and served in the prestigious Brown Water Black Beret unit in Vietnam.

Dave Roever Wikipedia
Vietnam veteran Dave Roever guest speaker at the banquet ( Source: Frederick News-Post)

Roever, a former U.S. Navy veteran, suffered a severe injury while serving in the Vietnam War when a phosphorous grenade exploded in his hand, causing extensive burns and leaving him hospitalized for over a year.

His service, injury, and recovery during the war led to his unique ability to address the needs of military personnel.

He regularly speaks to troops both domestically and overseas, including multiple tours in the Middle East during the War on Terror.

Despite initially being overlooked, the U.S. Department of the Navy finally awarded Roever his Purple Heart and other service medals 34 years after his injuries.

Further information about Dave Roever wikipedia information is not disclosed to the media to protect his privacy.

Dave roever wife and age revealed

Dave is the president and founder of three non-profit organizations, namely the ROever Evangelistic Association, the Roever Foundation, and REAP International, all headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.

Along with his wife, Brenda, they are also the co-founders of Eagles Summit Ranch in both Colorado and Texas.

These facilities assist servicemen and women who have suffered physical and emotional injuries by providing a safe and supportive environment to help them “find their way home.”

Dave Roever
Third Army Prayer Breakfast welcomes Dave Roever (Source: DVIDS)

The motivational speaker was born in 1946, as of 2024, 77 years old.

In recognition of his exceptional life and service, he was awarded an honorary doctorate in May 2005 and the Outstanding Civilian Service Medal by the U.S. Department of the Army in April 2012.

In 2019, an influential and uplifting public speaker and his wife Brenda celebrated 50 years of full-time ministry.

Dave Robinson children

Dave has two children named Matthew Roever and Kimberly Chapin. He has two grandsons and two granddaughters.

Roever, who is known for his engaging humor, is well-received as a public speaker both nationally and internationally.

Dave Roever
‘Never Let a Good Scar Go to Waste’ (Source: Texas co-op power)

Regardless of the setting, Mr. Roever’s message is always one of hope. Drawing from his own life experiences, he addresses issues that are relevant to his audience and offers practical solutions to life’s challenges.

Through sharing his personal journey of coping with loneliness, peer pressure, disfigurement, and pain, as well as celebrating his triumphs, he creates a powerful message of courage, commitment, and survival that inspires and transforms his listeners.

His faith serves as the foundation of his hope, which is strengthened by his wholesome relationships with his parents, wife, children, and grandchildren.

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