Quad Webb Boyfriend 2023: Who Is She Dating After Divorce With Ex?

Quad Webb Boyfriend

Quad Webb Boyfriend 2023: Quad Webb-Lunceford has chosen to keep her love life private, maintaining a discreet stance on her relationships.

Quad Webb, also known as Quadriyyah Monique Webb, is a versatile American personality celebrated for her diverse talents in the entertainment industry.

Born on May 13, 1980, in Memphis, Tennessee, Webb has emerged as an accomplished author, chef, talk show host, fashion icon, entrepreneur, and TV personality.

Her journey to fame took a significant turn with her captivating presence on Bravo TV’s popular show, “Married to Medicine.”

Webb’s academic background includes earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Tennessee State University.

What sets Webb apart is not just her educational achievements but her vibrant and dynamic personality, earning her the endearing title of a “Black Barbie.”

Audiences have been captivated by her quick wit and fun-loving nature, making her more than just a striking face with a sharp tongue.

Initially working as a medical sales representative, Webb seamlessly transitioned into the entertainment industry, where she carved her unique path and established her empire.

With her magnetic charm and diverse skill set, Quad Webb continues to inspire and captivate audiences, showcasing her talent and resilience in the ever-evolving entertainment world.

Quad Webb Boyfriend 2023

Currently single, she was previously married to Dr. Gregory Lunceford, a respected psychiatrist based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Lunceford boasts an impressive 21-year career in the medical field, specializing in treating Personality Disorders and Psychotic Disorders.

Quad Webb Boyfriend
Quad Webb with her ex-husband. (source: Bravo TV)

He is an alumnus of Duke University, a prestigious institution in the United States, reflecting his high-level education and expertise.

In his practice, Dr. Lunceford demonstrates unwavering dedication to his patients’ psychological well-being. 

With a keen ability to identify and treat various psychological illnesses, he provides comprehensive and compassionate care.

Embracing modern healthcare trends, his practice offers telehealth appointments, ensuring patient accessibility across different locations.

While Quad Webb-Lunceford’s romantic life remains low-key, her past marriage to Dr. Lunceford, a prominent figure in the field of psychiatry, highlights her connection to someone with a notable professional background and commitment to mental health care.

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Who Is She Dating After Divorce With Ex?

Since her divorce from Dr. Gregory Lunceford, Quad Webb, a prominent figure on the reality show “Married to Medicine,” has embraced her single status and focused on her career and personal growth.

Following the end of her marriage, Quad has shown resilience and determination, showcasing her ability to navigate life’s challenges with grace.

Quad Webb DUI
Quad Webb pictured giving an interview. (source: et)

In 2020, Quad expanded her family by adopting a baby girl named Ariana, demonstrating her commitment to motherhood and nurturing nature.

Despite the ups and downs, she has remained active and vibrant, not allowing her past experiences to hinder her zest for life.

In the tenth season of “Married to Medicine,” viewers caught glimpses of Quad’s dating life.

While she has been seen dating, Quad has chosen to keep her romantic relationships private.

Despite speculation and curiosity from fans, she has not publicly confirmed any relationships, maintaining a level of discretion about her personal affairs.

Quad’s post-divorce journey has been marked by self-discovery and growth. She has embraced her independence, focusing on her well-being and professional achievements.

Her ability to thrive in her career and personal life serves as a testament to her resilience, strength, and determination to live life on her own terms.

Quad Webb’s story post-divorce is one of empowerment and resilience, inspiring others to face challenges head-on and emerge stronger, wiser, and more self-assured.

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