Blac Youngsta Net Worth: Career & Legal Trouble

An American rapper Sammie Marquez Benson, better known as Blac Youngsta, has a staggering net worth of $5 million.

The Memphis, Tennessee-born rapper is signed to Epic Records and Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group (CMG) labels.

He first gained popularity after releasing his 2017 single “Hip Hopper.”

Youngsta Posing For The Camera (Source: Foreign Policy)
Youngsta Posing For The Camera (Source: Foreign Policy)

Despite having a reputation for online and offline controversy, Youngsta has made undeniable contributions to the current rap scene.

Furthermore, he displays a unique style that honors his past while remaining modern and inventive, which fans worldwide love.

Blac Youngsta | Quick Facts

As of December 2023, Black Youngsta’s net worth is a massive $5 million. Let’s look at quick facts about Blac Youngsta to learn more about him.

Birth Name
Sammie Marquez Benson
Professional Name Blac Youngsta
Nick Name Youngsta, Benson
Birth Date April 8, 1990
Age 33 Years Old
Birth Place Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Height 170 cm/5 feet 7 inches/1.70 m
Weight 76 kg/167 lbs.
Religion Christian
Gender Male
Nationality American
Distinctive Feature
  • Often has short trimmed hair
  • Jewelry
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Rapper, Songwriter
Instrument Vocal
Genres Hip-Hop, Trap
Horoscope Aries
Ethnicity African-American
Sibling 3
Record Labels
  • Create
  • Heavy Camp
  • CMG
  • Epic
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend N/A
Active Since 2012-Present
Social Media FacebookTwitterInstagram 
Last Update December 2023

Blac Youngsta | Net Worth and Income

Muti-talented rapper, singer, and songwriter Blac Youngsta’s net worth is a whopping $5 million.

The majority of Youngsta’s income comes from his work as a rapper.

He has made millions of dollars through album sales, concerts, and the streaming of singles.

A follow-up to his 2016 mixtape, titled “F**k Everybody 2,” was released in August 2016.

It only featured Lil Pump as a guest artist and peaked at number 63 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The “Cut Up” EP by Blac Youngsta was released in May 2019.

He revealed the title of his second studio album, “Church on Sunday,” via Twitter in August 2019.

Similarly, Benson has received handsome payment for several notable features, including “Get Whacked” by Waka Flocka and “Problems” by Snootie Wild.

Likewise, he appeared in the song “1 2 3” by Moneybagg Yo in 2020. The song debuted on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Moreover, the rapper has 869K or so YouTube subscribers, which enables him to benefit from the site’s ad revenue.

He makes between $10.7K and $170.6K annually through the platform.

Additionally, the rapper receives over 973K Spotify listeners each month. Benson profits significantly from the millions of streams.

Net Worth of Blac Youngsta in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Black Youngsta’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 4,871,625
Pound Sterling £ 4,118,022.50
Australian Dollar A$ 7,018,050
Canadian Dollar C$ 6,388,250
Indian Rupee ₹ 398,150,000
Bitcoin ฿ 204.09

Black Youngsta | Houses & Cars


As of December 2023, Black Youngsta’s net worth is a massive $5 million. 

He resides in a villa-style mansion in Los Angeles’ affluent neighborhood, which is worth more than $3 million.

In 2016, he gifted his grandmother a house and a big land on the next street.


Blac Youngsta enjoys luxurious automobiles and has a few of them in his garage.

He owns a Lamborghini Urus, which has a base price of close to $200,000.

Youngsta’s second favorite car can cost around $200,000 and is none other than Aston Martin Vantage GT.

Blac Youngsta's Lambo
Blac Youngsta’s Lambo (Source: Blac Youngsta cars – Google Search)

Similarly, he was gifted two Lamborghini Gallardos by Yo Gotti and also received a Lamborghini Aventador, which cost $393,695.

Furthermore, Blac has a Ferrari, a Jeep, and several other high-end vehicles.

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Blac Youngsta | Lifestyle, Legal Issue, & Controversy


Multi-millionaire rapper Blac Youngsta lives a luxurious lifestyle with a net worth of $5 million.

Benson had a rough childhood. For him, there were no simple routes to success.

He was raised by his grandparents, who had to work two jobs and yet struggled to put food on the table.

Benson was just seven years old when his grandfather got him a job at a nearby grocery shop.

However, he was fired when the manager saw him sending false orders to the store in order to bring food home for his brothers.

Hence, he started selling drugs, which led to him serving several prison terms for drug and firearms-related offenses.

Despite this, he overcame his challenges and cleared the way for his achievement.

Blac Youngsta
Blac Youngsta (Source: Wikipedia)

Moreover, Blac Youngsta keeps a low profile regarding his romantic relationships. However, he was rumored to be dating transgender model BNell Williams in the early months of 2016.

After the rumor, some alleged that the rapper might be gay, which he firmly declined.

One of Blac Youngsta’s brothers was killed in 2016.

According to reports, the rapper’s family was the target of an attack, and he had to step up his security to prevent it from happening again.

After the incident, Blac was severely affected and developed depression and suicidal thoughts.

Unfortunately, the tragedy continued. His second brother, who was frequently known by his stage name “HeavycampTD,” was found dead in Miami three years later.

Legal Issue & Controversy

Blac Youngsta has been in a lot of controversies and legal trouble throughout his career.

Benson took a $200,000 withdrawal from his checking account at a Wells Fargo Bank on Peachtree Road in Atlanta on January 8, 2016.

He said he didn’t believe in checks and was planning to buy a car.

But a police officer came his way after he withdrew the money, then rushed him and pointed a weapon at his head.

According to the police, he was mistaken for someone who had written a counterfeit check at the bank earlier. Moreover, the staff also confused him for robbing the bank.

Youngsta later claimed that he was arrested because he was “young and black,” accusing the police and bank employees for racial profiling.

Similarly, the rapper was charged with shooting over 100 rounds at Young Dolph’s SUV in 2017.

Dolph was fortunate to escape without any harm because the car was bulletproof.

He was accused of six counts of releasing a firearm into a moving vehicle and felony conspiracy but was freed on bond the same day.

There was a lot of evidence against him, but once all charges were dropped, he won the case.

Blac Youngsta Crucifixion
Blac Youngsta Crucifixion Video For a Music Video (Source: TMZ)

Likewise, when Blac Youngsta hanged himself on the cross, it caused a scandal that earned him harsh criticism from his fans.

The rapper posed for photos while dressed out as Jesus Christ and consequently lost a lot of supporters since many thought this was offensive to Christians.

Blac Youngsta | Charity

Blac Youngsta has been doing charity work since he became mainstream.

He is well-known for helping out his community and its members.

In 2016, he was filmed giving out $20 bills to children in his neighborhood.

Youngsta once selected a few families among his Instagram followers and gave them money to cover their rent.

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Blac Youngsta | Movies & Investments


Blac Youngsta has starred in a few movies and television series in his career.

He has appeared in the movies like “HBCU Virtual Homecoming 2020” and “How High 2” (2019).

Similarly, Benson has been featured in television series such as “Open Late with Peter Rosenberg” (2018) and “Wild ‘N Out” (2017).

Moreover, his songs have been used in films such as “Uncorked” (2020), “The After Party” (2018), and “Candy” (2017).


As of December 2023, Black Youngsta’s net worth is a massive $5 million.

In 2017, he founded his own label imprint under CMG, “Heavy Camp.”

Additionally, Blac Youngsta has debuted his brand-new apparel line, “Heavy Camp.”

After stating that he couldn’t continue making music forever, he has spoken about real estate investing.

Even before he became well-known in the music industry, he began investing in real estate.

He admitted that he paid crackheads to repair up a $7,000 property he had purchased in his neighborhood, which he afterward rented out to pay off a bank loan.

Then, Benson went on to say that he kept doing this until he completely constructed a home for his grandmother.

Blac Youngsta | Career

Youngsta released three mixtapes as part of his “Fast Bricks” series from 2012 to 2014 as he started to take his musical career more seriously.

When Blac Youngsta’s breakthrough single “Heavy” was released in 2015, Yo Gotti took notice.

He appeared on the remix and signed Blac Youngsta to his “Collective Music Group” label.

“I Swear To God,” his debut mixtape as a CMG member, was released on September 24, 2015.

Blac Youngsta and Young Gotti
Blac Youngsta and Young Gotti (Source: Complex)

Youngsta released a mixtape called “Young & Reckless” in March 2016.

This was followed by “F**k Everybody,” which featured Quavo, Young Thug, Jacquees, and YFN Lucci, in September 2016.

His fourth mixtape as a member of CMG was released in February 2017, titled “Illuminati.”

Blac Youngsta and Epic Records agreed to a major label deal in December 2017.

Some Interesting Facts About Blac Youngsta

  • Benson started organizing neighborhood block parties initially in his career, which helped him gain fame locally.
  • Youngsta learned to rap when he was in jail.
  • In 2019, he won ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards.


Is Blac Youngsta still signed to CMG?

Yes, he is still signed to the label.

Who owns a heavy camp?

Rapper Blac Youngsta owns the label.

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