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An English television presenter, writer, and journalist, Jeremy Clarkson’s net worth is a staggering $60 million as of 2024. 

He is best known for hosting “Top Gear,” the internationally recognized sports car show consistently one of the most-watched television series on the planet.

Jeremy Clarkson was born in Doncaster, England, on April 11, 1960, to Shirley and Edward Clarkson. Clarkson’s parents enrolled him in private school years in advance, despite having no idea how to pay the fees.

Before he started school, his parents made two Paddington Bear toys for their children. They started selling them because they were so popular. The legal team of Paddington Bear creator Michael Bond quickly served them with a cease and desist order.

Jeremy Clarkson's profile image.
Jeremy Clarkson’s profile image.

Edward Clarkson traveled to London to speak with Bond’s attorney. On his way to the meeting, he saw Bond in the elevator, and the two hit it off.

Paddington Bear’s worldwide license rights were handed to the Clarksons by Bond. The money from this helped pay for Jeremy’s education.

Clarkson had stated that he was severely bullied and unhappy at Repton School when he was a student there. He went to Repton School with Andy Wilman, the former Executive Producer of “Top Gear,” and Adrian Newey, a Formula One engineer.

For several offenses, he was eventually expelled from Repton School.

So, let’s get to know Jeremy Clarkson a little better, starting with some basic facts about him.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson
Birth Date 11 April 1960
Birth Place Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire, England
Nick Name  Jeremy Clarkson, Jezza
Religion Christianity
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Education Repton School
Hill House School
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Edward Grenville Clarkson
Mother’s Name Shirley Gabrielle Clarkson
Siblings Joanna Clarkson
Age 64  Years Old
Height 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m)
Weight 107 Kg (235.89 lbs )
Shoe Size 12 (UK)
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue
Body Measurement Unknown
Figure Unknown
Married Yes
Wife Lisa Hogan
Children Finlo Clarkson
Emily Clarkson
Katya Clarkson
Profession English broadcaster, Journalist, Writer, Presenter, Columnist, Businessman
Net Worth $48- $50 million
Salary $4 million (annually)
Currently Works At Retired
Affiliations BBC, Top Gears
Merch Canvas PostersT-Shirt
Social Media InstagramTwitterFacebook
Last Update June, 2024

Jeremy Clarkson’s Net Worth and Income

Jeremy Clarkson’s Net Worth

An English television presenter, writer, and journalist, Jeremy Clarkson’s net worth are a staggering $60 million as of 2024.

Although Clarkson has featured as a panelist or guest on various television shows, it was Top Gear that established his name and fortune.

Clarkson’s annual income for hosting the show is presently rumored to be £4 million per year.

Apart from that, he possessed a 30% share in Top Gear until 2013, which reportedly paid him over $13 million in dividends and incentives each year.

In 2013, the BBC purchased Clarkson’s full interest in the company to gain complete control. Clarkson is said to have made a net profit of $21 million from the deal.

Jeremy Clarkson has also written and produced a plethora of books and DVDs. Clarkson is said to earn £ 1.7 million per year on average from regular pieces in The Sun, The Sunday Times, and The Toronto Star, as well as books and DVDs.

Let’s have a look at his earnings from the year 2010-2014:

Year Earning
2010 $1.41600 billion
2011 $31.49 million
2012 $27.33 million
2013 $21,000,000
2014 $1,660,000

Jeremy Clarkson’s Income

Clarkson’s Top Gear compensation was a shockingly low $4 million per year, given the show’s popularity. I don’t feel sorry for Jeremy, though.

Clarkson owned 30% of the rights to Top Gear in addition to his base wage. That means he receives a percentage of all licensing, DVD sales, broadcast, and merchandise income.

Clarkson typically gets an additional $7.5 – $13 million per year in profits and incentives from the show in addition to his normal income.

The BBC (who already owned 50% of the show) purchased out all remaining holdings in 2013 to gain complete control of the Top Gear Empire. Clarkson made about $21 million from this deal.

Jeremy Clarkson’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s look at Jeremy Clarkson’s Net Worth in several currencies, including BitCoin, the cryptocurrency.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 51,011,700
Pound Sterling £ 43,608,300
Australian Dollar A$ 81,468,900
Canadian Dollar C$ 75,465,600
Indian Rupee 4,466,697,000
BitCoin ฿ 1,853

Jeremy Clarkson: House and Cars


He held a piece of the Top Gear format, which the BBC bought out in 2012 for a reputed £13 million. In addition, as a Top Gear presenter, he makes roughly £1.5 million each year.

He has also authored a number of successful DVDs and books, as well as a number of newspaper columns.

Despite a slew of recent missteps, the BBC is claimed to have offered him a three-year agreement for £12 million to keep him at the helm of Top Gear until 2018.

Jeremy Clarkson beautiful mansion.
Jeremy Clarkson beautiful mansion.

Clarkson was one of the investors who lost up to 25% of their money in the AIG scandal in 2008. During the global economic crisis, a run on an investment fund led the insurer to liquidate the portfolio.

His main property is a £2 million spacious home near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. It has a lot of lands, and he maintains hens, moaning that the cost of their electrified fox-proof fence makes every egg they produce “£1 million.”


Jeremy has had a variety of vehicles over the years, as one might anticipate.

Clarkson was interested in purchasing the Ford GT after admiring the Ford GT40 race vehicles of the 1960s, which served as its inspiration.

Only through knowing Ford’s head of PR from a former job was Clarkson able to gain a spot on the shortlist for the few cars that would be shipped to the UK for official customers.

He discovered various technical difficulties with the car after waiting years and paying a higher price. He handed it to Ford for a cash refund after “the most terrible month of motoring possible.”

Later, he bought back his GT after a short amount of time, during which he sought assistance from Top Gear followers on the Internet.

Because he was never capable of completing a return voyage with it, he dubbed it “the most unreliable car ever constructed.” Clarkson ordered a Gallardo Spyder in 2006 and sold his Ford GT to make room.

He traded the Gallardo in August 2008 since “idiots in Peugeots kept trying to race in it.” He stated in October that he had traded his Volvo XC90.

  • Range Rover TDV8 Vogue SE: ₹ 1.06 Crore
  • Ford Escort RS Cosworth: £21,380
  • Ferrari F355: $161,657
  • Volvo XC90: $49,695
  • Ford GT: $36,120
  • Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder: $101,750
  • Mercedes-Benz 600 Grosser: $61,985
  • Alfa Romeo GTV6: $72,726
  • Aston Martin Virage: $472,131

Range Rover TDV8 Vogue SE

The Range Rover is the first vehicle on the list, and it is a classic SUV with a reputation for luxury.

These magnificent machines are owned by everyone, from players to celebrities, and they are a safe bet for anyone with a little extra cash.

In contrast to the turbocharged petrol, Clarkson’s classic is powered by a V8 twin-turbo V8 diesel.

Clarkson demonstrated in a video how he modified the boot of his Range Rover to include a drinks cabinet with all the glasses.

Ford Escort RS Cosworth

The Escort Cosworth is a legendary racer that belongs to any automobile enthusiast’s collection.

It’s just a normal, everyday car that’s been given a boost of adrenaline.

Ferrari F355

The F353 was a two-seat sports automobile with a V8 engine that was produced between 1994 and 1999.

Jeremy Clarkson's Ferrari F355.
Jeremy Clarkson’s Ferrari F355.

Clarkson is also well-known for regretting his choice of the Ferrari GTS, which he expressed in an edition of Top Gear Magazine.

Volvo XC90

Although it isn’t the most glamorous vehicle on the list, it functioned as the Clarkson family’s vehicle for many years. In fact, over the years, the TV hosts owned three of them.

The XC90, on the other hand, is a highly coveted vehicle. It looks fantastic, is practical, effective, and provides good security, so it’s simple to see why the family man loves them so much.

Ford GT

The GT has become almost as iconic as Porsches and Ferraris since its introduction in 2005.

Clarkson’s relationship with the Ford GT is a bit of a wacky one. After driving the prototype version, he fell in love with the car, but when he got his hands on one, he had a few concerns. To cut a long tale short, he refunded the money but then received it back.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Anyone who is a vehicle enthusiast like Jezza doesn’t need an excuse to buy a Lamborghini. Clarkson chose the Italian sports car’s convertible form.

Jeremy Clarkson posing with his Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.
Jeremy Clarkson posing with his Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

Clarkson prefers Lamborghinis to Ferraris, characterizing them as “rugged sports cars” rather than “delicate sports cars.”

Jeremy Clarkson: Lifestyle and Vacation


Jeremy is fascinated with the military and the British armed services, and as a result, he has various television shows with a military theme.

He also wrote and hosted Jeremy Clarkson: Greatest Raid of All Time, a World War II documentary.

Clarkson has also been involved in military charity since 2007, providing improved services and facilities to wounded British service members.

Aside from that, Jeremy is fascinated by engineering and inventions, particularly engines, guns, computers, telephones, and television. Not to mention, Clarkson is a great car enthusiast who owns and rides a variety of vehicles.

His personal style was described as that of a “gardener on farming leave” by GQ magazine, who also noted that he had a “beer gut you could ski on.” Clarkson prefers to wear jeans with a leather jacket or jeans with a tweed jacket.

‘I usually wear whatever is closest to the bed and don’t mind if my socks don’t match,’ he explained. I went to a party in strange shoes the other day by accident.’


In 2014, the TV personality was spotted snorkeling with his Top Gear co-stars Richard Hammond and James May, and he was clearly having a good time.

The father-of-three proudly displayed his gut while looking for fish in the ocean, wearing only a couple of blue and white floral swim shorts. He and James were seen walking back onto the sand to dry off after having some fun in the waves.

The three boys are in Barbados for the Top Gear Fest, where Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton faced off against Ken Block yesterday.

Jeremy Clarkson enjoying on a vacation.
Jeremy Clarkson enjoying a vacation.

Jeremy Clarkson gave fans an explanation on The Grand Tour’s coming event, admitting that behind the scenes, they’re experiencing “an absolute nightmare.”

Since 2016, Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have been at the helm of The Grand Tour. The Amazon Prime program has seen the three films in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Madagascar, among other places.

According to the Express, the presenters now have an “absolute nightmare” planning their next major trip. In his most recent essay, the 61-year-old discussed their hardships, describing how the original goal was to go to Australia.

It comes as new restrictions continue to shift around the world in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak.

Television Shows, Book Publications, Investment

Television Shows

In 1988, Jeremy got his first break as a TV presenter, working with Tom Boswell, Tiff Needell, and Tony Mason on the British motoring show Top Gear.

His performance was praised by many. He’s worked as a presenter for a variety of TV shows since then.

Furthermore, he quickly attracted the interest of the BBC network, and in 1988, he launched a new discussion show called Clarkson.

Interviews with singers, politicians, and media personalities were featured on the show. He appeared as one of the presenters on the BBC’s satirical show Have I Got News for You.

Jeremy Clarkson's TV Show.
Jeremy Clarkson’s TV Show.

Jeremy has also appeared as a guest on a number of television series, including Room 101, Parkinson, Friday Night with Jonathon Ross, and Question Time.

Following that, he appeared in the BBC’s first twenty-two series, where he produced documentaries on global military, science, and inventions.

However, after a fight with the show’s producer in 2015, Jeremy was suspended from Top Gear.

With his co-presenters, Richard Hammond and James May, he later hosted the television show The Grand Tour, which debuted on the video-streaming website.

Not to forget, Jeremy is a broadcaster of ITV’s international television game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? that Chris Tarrant earlier hosted and presented.

Earnings from Television

In 2007, he received the National Television Awards Special Recognition Award, and in the same year, he reportedly made £1 million as a Top Gear presenter, as well as £1.7 million from books, DVDs, and newspaper columns.

Likewise, in 2007, Clarkson and co-host James May became the first person to drive to the North Magnetic Pole, as shown in Top Gear: Polar Special.

In an intended accident with a brick wall while filming the 12th series of Top Gear in 2008, he suffered minor injuries to his knees, back, and hand.

Similarly, in 2014, he earned a £4.8 million dividend from BBC Worldwide, as well as an £8.4 million share buyout, bringing his total income for the year to more than £14 million.

Book Publications

Jeremy began his career as a journalist after receiving training at the Rotherham Advertiser.

The Rochdale Observer, Wolverhampton Express, Rotherham Advertiser, Shropshire Star, Star, and Lincolnshire Life were among the newspapers he later worked on.

Clarkson and his journalist friend Jonathan Gill founded the Motoring Press Agency in 1984, where they conducted road tests for automotive journals and local newspapers.

Jeremy Clarkson's book named "I Know You Got Soul."
Jeremy Clarkson’s book named “I Know You Got Soul.”

Jeremy’s journalistic abilities led to him writing for the major publications The Sun and The Sunday Times. In 1987, he also contributed to Amstrad Computer User and Amstrad CPC game reviews.

Jeremy has also published several books about autos and other subjects. In his book, he shares his ideas, jokes, and opinions on a wide range of topics. Some of the books are:


Many have speculated that his wealth has been invested in bitcoin robots such as Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Evolution, and Bitcoin Future.

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Despite this, some of these robots claim to have a winning record of over 90% and to be able to create significant returns for investors.
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There is no indication that Jeremy Clarkson is involved with Bitcoin, and he has never stated that he has invested in Bitcoin or any other type of trading system.

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These rumors, obviously, are false. Clarkson, in reality, has never invested in bitcoin or any of these bitcoin robots. Bitcoin Revolution, on the other hand, claims to be able to win 88 percent of all transactions and produce continuous revenue.

The bot promises to be able to connect investors to the crypto market through authorized brokers and exchanges, and it provides a selection of 75 cryptocurrencies.


Clarkson frequently criticizes high-speed driving on public roads, citing speed cameras and speed bumps as examples.

Alun Pugh, a member of the Welsh Assembly, wrote to BBC Director-General Greg Dyke in 2002 to express his dissatisfaction with Clarkson’s comments, which he said encouraged people to exploit Welsh roads as a high-speed test track.

According to a BBC spokesman, claims that Clarkson promoted speeding were “nonsense.” Similar remarks regarding driving in Lincolnshire have also been made by Clarkson.

“On a recent drive across Europe, I badly wanted to attain the top speed, but I ran out of the road when the needle touched 240 mph,” Clarkson wrote in a November 2005 Times piece about the Bugatti Veyron.

“France is the size of a little coconut when viewed through the wheel of a Veyron. I couldn’t believe how quickly I crossed it the other day. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

In 2007, lawyer Nick Freeman successfully defended Clarkson against an allegation of speeding at 86 mph in a 50 mph zone on the A40 route in London, arguing that the driver of the Alfa Romeo automobile was given to Clarkson could not be identified.

Clarkson stated in a speech at the Hay Festival in 2008 that he had received a speeding ticket for driving at 186 mph on London’s A1203 Limehouse Link route.

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Jeremy Clarkson started his career as a game reviewer for the Amstrad Computer User magazine. He began writing for periodicals such as “The Sun” and “The Sunday Times” as his fame expanded.

His signature style of sarcasm in his evaluations helped him gain widespread mainstream recognition. Clarkson rose to fame after appearing on the comedy show “Room 101” in 1997.

Following that, he made appearances on series including “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross” and “Parkinson.”

Jeremy Clarkson attending AutoItalia Stanford Hall in 2008.
Jeremy Clarkson attending AutoItalia Stanford Hall in 2008.

Clarkson’s career achieved a pinnacle with his own talk show, “Clarkson,” which ran for 27 episodes, each lasting 30 minutes and broadcast from 1998 to 2000.

He also kept himself occupied with a variety of non-motoring pursuits, such as filming historical and engineering documentaries.

The BBC relaunched ‘Top Gear‘ in 2002 with a fresh structure, and the host three quickly established the show as one of the most popular shows of all time.

Clarkson later founded a company called ‘Bedder 6’ that dealt with ‘Top Gear‘ marketing and foreign distribution.

Clarkson said in 2018 that he would be hosting a reimagined version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?


Jeremy Clarkson is well-known for his humanitarian efforts. During the lockdown, he gave potatoes to his elderly neighbors, and now he’s come to the aid of a five-year-old youngster who had all of the produce on his honest box stall stolen.

On Tuesday, £40 in stock was stolen from Harry Clare’s tabletop business at his parents’ glamping site in Malvern, Worcestershire. At his station, he offers eggs, goat’s milk, soap, and lip balm.

“I will make up for all that was lost,” Clarkson said in response to a tweet from The Sun. Please contact me. Let’s feed the thieves into a combine after that.”

Clarkson became a patron of Help for Heroes at the end of 2007, a charity that raises money to provide better facilities for wounded British veterans.

Moreover, Clarkson joined Chipping Norton School’s Jazz Band as a celebrity drummer in June 2008 and then signed his drum for a charity auction.

Clarkson is a frequent host and attendee of charitable events, such as the Lewis Edmundson Appeal.

3 Interesting Things About Jeremy Clarkson

  • His first employment at the BBC was in the Children’s Hour serial version of Anthony Buckeridge’s Jennings novels when he played a public schoolboy named Atkinson. When his voice failed, he had to leave the show.
  • We all know how much Jeremy enjoys wearing denim jeans at all times. Unfortunately for the jeans industry, this link with middle-aged men has been nicknamed the ‘Jeremy Clarkson effect,’ and some have blamed it for a 20-year fall in sales.
  • In 1977, Jeremy allegedly passed his driving test in style, behind the wheel of his grandfather’s Bentley R Type. He was so sure he’d pass the first time that he brought scissors with him to remove the L-plates afterwards.


What’s the story behind Clarkson’s nickname, Jezza?

Jezza, often called Jjeza, is a Ugandan town located about an hour from Kampala, the country’s capital. During the first segment of the Africa Special, Top Gear paid a visit to the town of Jezza. Clarkson’s nickname on the show, Jezza, is spelled the same manner as the town; therefore, Jezza was of great interest to him.

How did Jeremy Clarkson get kicked out of the show?

According to his own account, the Top Gear star was dismissed from Repton School for “smoking, drinking, and basically making a fool of himself.”

Why was Jeremy Clarkson slapped in the face with a pie?

Clarkson was awarded an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree by Oxford Brookes University in 2005. When Clarkson was pied by road activist Rebecca Lush at the award ceremony for his honorary degree, his views on the environment sparked a small demonstration.

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