Bengaluru Couple Death: Women And Her Boyfriend Died By Fire

Bengaluru Couple Death

Tragedy strikes as the circumstances surrounding the Bengaluru couple death shed light on the factors contributing to their untimely passing. 

Unfortunately, the Bengaluru couple set themselves on fire. Likewise, their neighbours rush to help after hearing screams. 

As per the reports, the deceased individuals have been identified as a West Bengal native, Soumini Das, and her partner, Abhil Abraham.

Reportedly, Abhil was a Kerala resident and worked with a private agency in Bengaluru.

On Sunday dusk, Soumini and Abhil were discovered burning on fire on the fifth floor of their apartment. Reportedly, the couple lived in Doddagubbi in the Kothanur area.

Moreover, neighbours rushed in to help after they heard the screaming. Sadly, the Banguluru couple had died by the time they reached the site.

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Bengaluru Couple Death

As suggested by multiple reports, the Bengaluru couple set themselves on fire in their house in Bengaluru on Sunday. Likewise, the deceased individuals were identified as a second-year nursing student and her partner.

Moreover, as suggested by several media reports, the authorities have initiated an investigation into the case and filed a case of unnatural death.

Also, the Bengaluru couple was identified as 20-year-old Soumini Das, from West Bengal, and Abhil Abraham, from Kerala. Likewise, Abraham was 29 years old.

Bengaluru Couple Death
Bengaluru Couple Death: Reportedly, a woman and her partner set themselves on fire. (Source: India Today)

20-year-old Soumini was pursuing her second year of nursing, and she attended a private college in Bengaluru. On the contrary, Abhil operated a nursing service agency in the city.

Das, a second-year student, fell in love with Abhil, who ran a nursing service agency in the city. As suggested by several sources, the two were a cohabiting couple.

However, reports also said the woman had already married a man in West Bengal.

Also, some outlets mentioned that Das had recently revealed her affair with Abhil to her husband when she had gone there for a visit.

It could be possible that this might have led to arguments. However, the facts cannot be verified with complete confidence.

Also, it is difficult to say how the couple played a role in taking this extreme step.

Also, authorities told the media that no note has been discovered as of yet. Moreover, the Police have filed a case of “unnatural death” in the matter.

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Bengaluru Couple Death Cause: A Woman And Her Boyfriend Died By Fire

On Sunday, November 2023, neighbours reportedly heard the Bengaluru couple’s screams and rushed to the flat.

As suggested by various reports, neighbours forced entry into their flat. Despite several efforts to extinguish the fire, the woman had already died.

However, her lover was rushed to Victoria Hospital. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries.

Moreover, the concerned authorities have filed an FIR for unnatural death in the case. Likewise, they are conducting a thorough investigation.

Also, no note has been discovered so far. Also, officers are examining the pair’s phones to determine the cause of their deaths.

Bengaluru couple Death Case Update

Since the case has already been registered as an unnatural death, the concerned authorities have initiated an investigation.

Sadly, a second-year nursing student and her boyfriend set themselves ablaze at their residence in Bengaluru.

Reportedly, Soumini and Abhil met a few months ago. Likewise, the two lovers later decided to live together, though the woman was already married to a man in West Bengal.

Bengaluru couple Death Case
Bengaluru Couple Death: Reportedly, a nursing student and her partner set themselves on fire. (Source: YouTube)

20-year-old nursing student Soumini recently went back to her hometown. Also, she revealed her alleged affair and her inability to stay in the marriage to her husband.

It is hard to say, but this might have escalated disputes.

Moreover, authorities suspect that opposition from Soumini’s husband may have played a foul role in the woman and her partner’s decision to set themselves ablaze. However, the case is yet to be ascertained.

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