Zara Patel Age: How Old? Wikipedia And Bio Deepfake Viral Video

Zara Patel Age

How old is Zara Patel age? The famous influencer’s life, filled with fancy claims and a fabricated journey, has now unravelled.

The digital world has risen to a new breed of influencers who often blur the line between fact and fiction.

One such influencer, Zara Patel, found herself in hot water when the user posted famous Indian actress Rashmika Mandanna’s deepfake video on social media.

Likewise, the individual is accused of posting but says “no involvement” in the case. 

This shocking incident not only raises questions about the authenticity of artists who claim expertise on social media but also highlights the potential consequences of such actions.

In this article, we will delve into Zara Patel age, exploring her personal life, background, and rise to prominence.

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Zara Patel Age: How Old? 

Social media influencer Zara Patel age and her true identity have come under intense scrutiny following a video that went viral across all social media platforms.

However, Patel has rarely revealed her exact age on her social media handles. Glancing at Zara Patel’s latest pictures, the model looks like she is in her 20s.

Patel has gained notoriety by posting her lifestyle content on social media. Likewise, she refers to herself as a Data Engineer, an achievement many dreams of but few attain.

Zara Patel Age bio
Zara Patel Age: The British-Indian influencer’s video was swapped with actress Rashmika Mandanna’s face. (Source: The Hindustan Times)

After actress Rashmika Mandanna’s deep fake video became viral, Patel, the original woman seen in the video, responded to the morphed clip.

Likewise, Patel urged social media users to verify things online. She wrote: 

I worry about the future of women who now have to fear even more about putting themselves on social media.

Please take a step back and fact-check what you see online. Not everything on the web is real.

In an Instagram story, Zara Patel wrote a statement revealing that she is “deeply disturbed” and “upset” by the clip.

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Zara Patel Wikipedia And Bio

Zara Patel is an emerging British-Indian influencer. Likewise, she has gained over 4.5 lakh followers on Instagram.

Patel is known for sharing bold content on the platform. As suggested by her Insta bio, Zara is also a full-time Data Engineer. Also, she is a mental health advocate.

Besides, Patel is actively posting content for her followers. Also, the model has provided a secret link on her Instagram handle, allowing her followers to access her explicit content and chat with her.

On October 9, 2023, Zara Patel shared a video showing her entering a lift in a black outfit. The model had shared the post with the caption, “POV: you almost close the elevator door on me again.”

However, in the morphed clip circulating on the internet, Patel’s face has been swapped with Ms Mandanna, using deepfake technology.

Zara Patel Deepfake Viral Video

Rashmika Mandanna’s viral video entering an elevator emerged online. Likewise, the incident piqued the curiosity of many eager to discover more about it.

In November 2023, a video featuring Rashmika Mandanna entering an elevator gained viral traction on social media.

The original video was initially shared on Instagram on October 8 and features an individual named Zara Patel.

There is no evidence suggesting Patel’s involvement in creating the deepfake version of the video.

The origins of the counterfeit video and the motivations behind its creation remain unclear.

The video was compelling, leading many to accept its authenticity initially.

However, it was later unveiled as a deepfake video, a form of manipulation that deceivingly portrays individuals engaging in actions they never actually performed.

Zara Patel Deepfake Viral Video
Zara Patel Deepfake Viral Video: The video of Indian actress Rashmika Mandanna entering an elevator gained traction on social media (Source: Onmanorama)

This deepfake video of Rashmika Mandanna was crafted using deep learning, an artificial intelligence technique.

Deep learning algorithms can produce highly lifelike videos, even depicting actions individuals would never genuinely undertake.

The emergence of the deepfake video starring Rashmika Mandanna ignited a discussion concerning the risks associated with deepfakes.

The deepfake video has garnered millions of views, with at least 2.4 million views on X, the social media platform formerly Twitter.

Abhishek Kumar, an Indian journalist, diligently traced the origins of the counterfeit video and advocated for establishing new “legal and regulatory” frameworks to address the proliferation of fake images on the internet.

Nevertheless, several celebrities from various industries have encountered fake videos of themselves in recent years.

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