Kyrese Dye Accident Linked Death Cause Of Shaw University Student

Kyrese Dye Accident

Tragedy strikes as the circumstances surrounding Kyrese Dye accident shed light on the factors contributing to his untimely passing. 

A deadly crash occurred late Tuesday night on Hammond Road that left a Shaw University student named Kyrese Dye dead and another person seriously injured.

The deadly crash occurred at 11:17 p.m. in the 1400 block of Hammond Road in Raleigh.

People recently recognized the deceased student due to the fatal crash, which began trending online. Their accident news has quickly gained everyone’s attention, but sadly they are no more.

Furthermore, the driver failed to adopt professional precautions for road safety. However, no reports suggest that the driver was intoxicated or not.

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Shaw University Student Kyrese Dye Accident Update

18-year-old Jesdon Bloomer, 18, was driving with Shaw University student Kyrese Dye, 18, in the front passenger seat when the car crashed.

Jesdon was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries. Sadly, Dye was pronounced dead at the scene.

Kyrese Dye Accident
Kyrese Dye Accident: The two 18-year-old students were killed in a tragic car crash. (Source: Shutter Stock)

The Shaw University student was killed, and the other aspired teen was seriously injured in a crash that took place in Raleigh.

The crash caused the car to go across the median, where the vehicle came to a stop.

What caused the accident? is an emerging question among desperate users online, and we will answer the facts regarding the two teens’ fatal crashes.

The statement from the officials caused uncertainty among the citizens about what caused the crash.

The fatal accident news has prompted community concerns for guidelines on road safety. A few netizens online sent their condolences to the deceased teens for their untimely demise.

Moreover, people, including university students, have mourned the teens’ death via social media. Likewise, they showed concern for the deceased teen’s family.

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Kyrese Dye Accident And Death Cause 

Reportedly, at around 11:17 p.m. on Tuesday, Jesdon Bloomer, 18, was driving south on Hammond Road in a Honda Accord.

As reported by the officials, the driver failed to keep control of the vehicle in a curve and hit the end of a guardrail.

Kyrese Dye Accident death
Kyrese Dye Accident: The fatal car crash took the life of an 18-year-old student. (Source: memorialhaven)

Moreover, Shaw University issued a statement informing the college community of Dye’s passing. The statement reads: 

Our hearts are heavy as we notify the campus community about the death of one of our students, Ky’rese Anthony Dye.

Raleigh police said the 18-year-old student was ejected from the car. Likewise, officials are working to learn the condition of Bloomer.

The investigation continues as of this writing. In conclusion, it remains to be seen how the two teens’ untimely demise in a fatal accident impacts road safety.

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