Ben Taota Girlfriend Yam Missing After Boy Found Dead In Forest In Thailand

British boy Ben Taota and Girlfriend missing in Thailand

The subject of Ben Taota Girlfriend missing began trending into the news after surprising disclosures on the boy’s death case. Let’s find out what happened to the 16-year-old British boy in Thailand. 

Recently, Ben Taota, 16, Death news sparked Netizens online. The boy was found dead in the Thai forest, which caused fear in everyday citizens. Who killed Ben Taota? Let’s know the facts.

British teens Ben Taota and his girlfriend Yam, aged 16, came into the spotlight after Ben was found dead on Saturday near his hometown of Lampang. 

Reportedly, Taota’s dead body has been found in the Ban Than district of Thailand, and it is believed he was murdered in the forest.

People recently recognized the deceased teen living in Thailand as the news began trending online. The boy’s murder news has quickly gained everyone’s attention, but sadly he is no more.

Furthermore, 16-year-old Taota’s girlfriend Yam has also been missing. The case allowed the authorities to adopt professional precautions for teens’ safety, and reports suggest that she did not return home.

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Ben Taota Girlfriend Yam Missing Case Update

Deceased teen Ben Taota and his missing girlfriend Yam’s latest news have been trending online as everyday citizens have sought the girl’s well-being ever since the tragedy.

Taota’s death and his girlfriend’s missing detail concern people, as the cases are closely related. So, let’s check how the deceased boy and the missing girl’s family have been doing since the mishap.

What caused the death and missing? is an emerging question among desperate social media users, and we will answer the facts regarding the Thai teens’ fatal case.

According to DailyMail, a 16-year-old boy and his girlfriend went for a motorcycle ride in their hometown but never returned back.

Ben Taota Girlfriend missing
British teen Ben Taota and his female friend Yam went missing after a motorcycle ride on Saturday. (Source: The Telegraph)

The teens, both aged 16, were not found, and the authorities recovered Ben Taota’s body in a Thai forest; suffering head wounds and suspecting of potential first-degree murder. Unfortunately, his girlfriend went missing. 

The Daily Mail post suggests that Ben could have been murdered in a phone robbery, as per the initial reports presented by Thai Police. 

Likewise, Thai online outlets reported that the deceased teen was found with his back leaning against a tree. He was wearing a black long sleeve T-shirt and jeans.

The statement released by the online portals, including the Mirror and Telegraph, identified the location as the boy’s hometown of Lampang. 

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Who Is Ben Taota? Learn About His Missing Girlfriend

British teen Ben Taota and his Thai female friend Yam received all the attention as the young 16-year-old kids died and another went missing.

British boy Ben Taota death in Thailand
British boy Ben Taota’s death in Thailand sparked Internet users online. (Source: Daily Mail)

According to sources, Ben Taota, 16, planned for a motorcycle ride on Saturday with his girlfriend, Yam, also 16, in his hometown of Lampang.  Unfortunately, the two never returned home.

Taota’s body has been dumped in Thailand’s forest, and Yam is nowhere to be found. He suffered several head injuries, suspecting a murder. Concerned authorities also recovered his phone and wallet at the scene. 

As of now, many believe Taota’s girlfriend Yam as a prime suspect, but others believe that she could also be in danger. Some pray for her safety. 

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