Andre Harrison Obituary And Death: How Did The High School Senior Died?

Andre Harrison Obituary

Andre Harrison obituary: The young man tragically lost his life due to a Fentanyl overdose, casting a shadow of profound sorrow over his close ones.

Andre Harrison was a lively and spirited young man. He was a senior at Ashland High School in Ashland, Ohio.

Even though Andre had faced difficult times, he found a new home and a loving family in 2014.

His name is Ezra, which means “brave helper”. It perfectly described his journey of courage and dedication throughout his life.

Furthermore, Andre started working at McDonald’s in May 2021. He was beginning new chapters of his life with happiness.

Despite his challenges, Andre discovered great happiness in the running. On the track, he showed incredible determination and strength.

Harrison had endured hardships in life. His adoptive family gave him the love and support he needed to thrive.

Moreover, he had over one thousand followers on his social media. This suggests that he was pretty popular in his high school.

Andre was in a relationship with his loving boyfriend,d Ryan Gleisner. He had posted cute pictures of them together on his Facebook.

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Andre Harrison Obituary And Death

Andre Harrison obituary brought shockwaves to all his close ones. Tragically, he fell victim to a fentanyl-related drug addiction.

Andre Harrison Obituary
Andre Harrison is celebrating his 19th birthday. (Source: Facebook)

His death has left his family utterly devastated. Andre was known for his boundless enthusiasm and generosity, which endeared him to everyone he met.

In a moment during a track competition in May 2022, Andre made a heartfelt decision to pray and accept Christ. This choice profoundly influenced his life.

His actions were a shining example of compassion and love. Despite the immense sorrow, his family finds comfort in the belief that Andrte is now in a better place.

His father, Jeremy Harrison, posted on his Facebook on 4 October 2023 about the demise of his son. Mr. Andre was found alive on 3 October 2023.

His adoptive family, Jeremy and Kim Harrison, expressed sadness and pain at losing their beloved son, Andre. They adopted him when he was in fourth grade.

In their sorrow, Andre’s parents mustered up the strength to arrange a heartfelt funeral.  They must have organized a solemn occasion to bid farewell to their beloved son.

With heavy hearts, they reached out to their closest friends and family. They share their pain, seeking solace in the support of their loved ones.

Even though Andre is dead, his vibrant and friendly nature and character would always remind his loved ones about his presence in their heart.

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How Did The High School Senior Andre Harrison Die?

The life of the high school senior of Ashland High School, Andr,e was tragically and abruptly ended by drug overdose.

Andre Harrison obituary
Andre Harrison with his boyfriend for homecoming 2023. (Source: Facebook)

Despite the immense love and support that surrounded the student, this heartbreaking incident stole away a young soul bursting with potential and dreams for the future.

The circumstances surrounding Harrison’s ultimate demise are a painful reminder of the unsafe dangers of substance abuse.

In this moment of grief, it becomes even more evident how crucial it is to raise awareness about the risks associated with drug use.

It emphasizes the pressing need for widespread support systems tailored to addiction patients. Necessary help should be provided to help them escape this addiction.

The tragedy of Andre’s passing is a call to action. It urges communities to unite against substance abuse.

Mr. Harrison’s close friends and family used social media to express their grief over his death.

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