Meet Natalie Cook Partner Sarah Maxwell: Children And Relationship History

Natalie Cook Partner 

Women volleyball fans want to know if their favorite player, Natalie Cook, is single or taken. So be with us till we reveal rumors regarding Natalie Cook Partner.

Natalie Louise Cook, shortly Natalie Cook, was a member of the shining squad of the women’s volleyball team playing for Australia.

Cook OAM OLY is a former Australian professional beach volleyball player representing her national team.

She is an Olympic gold medallist. The lady became the first Australian woman to compete at five Olympic Games.

She was born on 19 January 1975. Cook, 48, hails from Townsville City, Australia.

Her former teammates include Kerri Pottharst, Tamsin Hinchley, and Nicole Sanderson.

More interesting facts about the female volleyball superstar — Cook has released a few books after her retirement as she now inspires millions through her achievements.

Her books include Go Girl: An Inspiring Journey from Bronze to Gold: Achieve Your Dreams and Unleash Your Power.

The female GOAT took the victory in her first career collegiate race with a time of 20:17.1, becoming the sixth-fastest 6K time recorded. 

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Meet Natalie Cook Partner Sarah Maxwell

Cook is in an open relationship with Sarah Maxwell. The lesbian volleyball star legally tied the knot with Sarah in 2008.  

The Australian female volleyball player shared a picture of their marriage to fellow beach volleyballer Sarah Maxwell. They made their romance official in 2008.

Natalie Cook Partner Sarah Maxwell
Natalie Cook partner: The Olympian tied the knot with Sarah Maxwell in 2008. (Source: The Courier Mail)

According to Herald Sun, Olympic beach volleyball champion Cook and Canadian player Sarah Maxwell developed a passion for the same sport. This could be one of the reasons they began dating in the first place. 

The two have been partners for over 21 years. 

She has been close with her partner, Sarah, since she went to the country to play in the league.

The two female lovers live close to their quarters in Brisbane. Moreover, Cook has identified herself as gay in many of her interviews up to this point.

However, the Olympian was not always the same, as she revealed that she didn’t feel safe enough to talk about her sexuality early on.

Cook was very aware of whispers and bullying. Gay athletes were hidden away. Only recently, she’s speaking out.

Besides, Australia has been friendly to gay players, and the country’s government doesn’t treat a person’s sexuality harshly.

Likewise, the New Zealand sports team has more than four openly LGBTQ players, including Ruby Tui, Kelly Brazier, Gayle Broughton, and Portia Woodman.

Talented Australian volleyball star, Natalie Cook, is in an open relationship with her partner. 

Although the exact moment the two volleyball stars from different nationalities fell in love with one another is unknown. The two were first rivals when they first met.

Natalie Cook partner Sarah Maxwell is a former Canadian professional volleyball player. 

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Natalie Cook Children And Relationship History

Regarding Olympian Natalie Cook’s children, famous volleyball star Cook doesn’t have kids of her own. 

Cook and her longtime partner Sarah raised their daughter Jordan Maxwell in Chapel Hill. Reports suggest that their daughter is 7 years old as of this writing. The sweet family resides in Chapel Hill. 

Natalie Cook partner and children
Natalie Cook with her partner Sarah and daughter Jordan Maxwell. (Source: Herald Sun)

Also, she was married to Sarah in 2008 in New Zealand. Since Australia was still nine years away from legalizing gay marriage, the two first wed in New Zealand.

They had their second marriage in the scenic Queensland town of Maleny a decade later. Cook revealed:

Our first wedding in Queenstown wasn’t legal. We could have done a civil union over there, but it’s only relevant if you live there, so we chose to do a ceremony with our close ones.

She added, “We made our own document and, signed our own certificate, designing our own vows. When I told my dad we were getting married again, and the first one wasn’t legal, he was mortified because he didn’t know.”

Regarding Natalie Cook OAM OLY relationship history, the Olympian may have had several relationships in the past apart from her now affair with Sarah.

But the former volleyball star has chosen to keep her dating history under wraps. 

As mentioned earlier, Cook is a lesbian and has openly dated Sarah. She has always been open regarding her romantic life. 

Cook and Sarah have an unusual relationship. Although being opponents and had played against each other several times, the two female rivals fell in love and were seen as beautiful together. 

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