Allen Blackthorne Obituary And Death Cause, How Did He Die? Case Details And Age

Allen Blackthorne

Allen Blackthorne Obituary has made people wonder what happened to him, especially since he was very horrible. In this article, we’ll talk about his death and the case details.

Allen Blackthorne was a wealthy businessman living in a big, expensive House with his fourth wife and two children. He became well-known in American criminal history for doing bad things.

Blackthorne gained notoriety for his involvement in the murder of his ex-wife, Sheila Bellush, in 1997.

Before the murder, Blackthorne had a turbulent relationship with Sheila Bellush. The couple had four children together but separated in 1987. He was abusive towards Bellush during their marriage, and she was granted full custody of their children.

Allen Blackthorne Obituary And Death Cause, How Did He Die?

On November 18, 2014, Allen Blackthorne, a Texas millionaire, passed away while serving his sentence in a federal prison in the U.S. Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana.

He was 59 years old at the time of his death, and the cause of his passing has not been publicly disclosed.

Blackthorne’s life was already determined to end in prison, as he had been convicted of federal charges for his involvement in a conspiracy to commit murder and interstate domestic violence against his ex-wife.

Allen Blackthorne Obituary
Allen Blackthorne (Source: Expressnews)

He was given two concurrent life sentences without the possibility of parole, and his sentence began at the Beaumont federal prison in Texas.

While serving his sentence, Blackthorne faced a near-death experience in 2001 when a prison gang attacked him.

Following the attack, he was segregated from the general population and later transferred to a Florida facility.

Despite his sentence, the circumstances surrounding Blackthorne’s death remain unclear.

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Allen Blackthorne Case Details 

The Allen Blackthorne case is one of the most horrifying and high-profile murder cases in the United States, which occurred in 1997 in Florida.

Allen, a wealthy businessman, hired a hitman to murder his ex-wife Sheila Bellush in a custody dispute over their children.

Sheila Bellush was a victim of domestic violence and had previously taken out a restraining order against Blackthorne. She moved with her children to Sarasota, Florida, hoping to start a new life away from her abusive ex-husband.

Jamie, Sheila, and their four youngest children (Source: Wikipedia)

Blackthorne hired Jose Del Toro to carry out the murder. Del Toro shot Bellush multiple times in the face with a .45 caliber gun and slit her throat in front of her young children.

The scene was horrific, with the quadruplets walking around in their mother’s blood and leaving small bloody footprints all over the crime scene.

Del Toro was eventually caught and confessed to the crime, implicating Blackthorne as the mastermind behind the murder.

Blackthorne was arrested and charged with murder-for-hire, interstate domestic violence, and conspiracy to commit murder.

During the trial, evidence was presented that Blackthorne had a history of domestic violence towards Bellush and had previously threatened to harm her if she ever left him.

This evidence helped convict Blackthorne, who received two concurrent life sentences in prison without the possibility of parole.

Allen Blackthorne Age

Blackthorne, a successful San Antonio businessman, was born in 1955 and accumulated considerable wealth by selling medical equipment.

By the time he reached his 40s, he had already established a lavish lifestyle with his fourth wife, Maureen, and their two children, living in a million-dollar mansion.

However, Blackthorne’s life turned dark when he got embroiled in a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife, Sheila Bellush, whom he married in 1982.

The couple had two daughters, Dary and Stevie, but their marriage ended in a messy divorce in 1987. Both parties accused each other of child abuse, which made their separation even more offensive.

Allen Blackthorne
Allen Blackthorne (Source: Tampabay)

In 1993, Sheila Bellush married Jamie Bellush, and the couple had quadruplets two years later.

Fearing for their safety, they migrated to Sarasota, Florida, to avoid the constant surveillance of Sheila’s ex-husband. However, their efforts to escape Blackthorne’s anger were in vain.

In 1997, Sheila was brutally murdered in her Florida home by hitmen hired by Blackthorne, with her children present.

Sadly, Blackthorne died at 59 in November 2014 while imprisoned at the federal prison in Terra Haute, Ind. The Bureau of Prisons website confirms that he passed away 14 years after sentencing.

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