What Is Paul Vallas Ethnicity And Religion? Parents Wife And Family Revealed

Paul Vallas ethnicity

The American politician Paul Vallas ethnicity and religion have been a buzzing question for many people. Recently he created exciting headlines for the news as he campaigned “tough on crime.” Please find out more about his political career and lifestyle in this article.

Vallas served as the Executive director of the Illinois Economic and Fiscal Commission between 1985 and 1995. During this time frame, he also was the Chicago city revenue director and budget director of Chicago city.

From 1995 to 2001, Mayor Richard M. Daley appointed him as CEO of Chicago Public School. He also served as superintendent of school districts in Philadelphia, New Orleans. He also accomplished as a chief officer at Chicago State University before running for Mayor.

In the 2014 election, Paul was a Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Illinois. Gov. Pat Quinn was a Democratic incumbent as he was selected to share the ticket in 2014. Both participated in the general election but lost it. 

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Paul Vallas Ethnicity And Religion

Now let’s talk about the American politician’s ethnicity and religion. Well,’ he belongs to Greek ethnicity as he’s the grandson of Greek immigrants. As he has the blood of the Greek, he follows the Christian religion.

There needs to be more information regarding his religion or descends of ethnicity however; the article will be updated when the information so makes sure you keep re-visiting relating to Paul’s information.

Paul Vallas ethnicity
Chicago town supports Paul in standing for the position of Mayor. (Source: Instagram)

The Former Chief Executive Officer is trying his best to run for the Mayor of Chicago. People seem to love and support him through all the ups and downs when becoming a Mayor. 

In 2020, he also served as an unpaid consultant to Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police union. He helped his hometown officers as he played a role in the negotiations during the contract negotiations with the city of Chicago.

John Catanzare, the Union’s head, praised the presence and work of Vallas while assisting in negotiating the police union’s bargaining.

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Paul Vallas Parents

Born on June 10, 1953, to his parents, Vallas grew up in the Roseland neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side. He hasn’t provided sufficient information regarding his parents.

The former education superintendent spent his teen years living in Palos height and graduated from Carl Sandburg High School. He then attended Moraine Valley Community College and then Western Illinois University.

Paul Vallas Ethnicity
Beautiful picture of Valla’s mom and dad together. (Source: Facebook)

There he received his Bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science, a Master’s degree in Political science, and a teaching certificate.

Paul led the Illinois Economic and Fiscal Commission from 1985 till 1990, serving under Mayor Richard M. Daley as a Chicago municipal budget director.

Paul Vallas Wife and family

The 69-year-old man is married to his wife, Sharon Vallas. They have a total of 3 children together named Gus, Mark, and Paul Jr. Vallas. However, his son Mark died due to an opioid overdose.

Paul Vallas Ethnicity
Memorial Day Weekends for the Valla family as they welcome a child. (Source: Instagram)

There is a limited amount of information regarding the Vallas family and his wife, but as per the politician’s Facebook post, he wished his wife a Mother’s day message. There you can find that they have been happily married for 38 years.

Also, Pauls’s Instagram post shared a photo of his family with his son’s wife to welcome his first grandchild.

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