Disappeared: Elizabeth Salgado Cause Of Death – Body Found Or Missing? Update

Elizabeth Salgado

Utah student Elizabeth Salgado cause of death is still unknown. While officials first assumed her relatives were responsible for her abduction, the evidence has not been sufficient to reach a decision.

The Salgado family is still searching for the truth about their daughter Elizabeth’s murder, nearly eight years after she disappeared from a language school in Provo, UT. Elizabeth had moved from Mexico to Provo to study at the Nomen Global Language Center less than a month before she vanished.

April marks six years since the 26-year-old vanished without a trace, and three years since her body was found in Hobble Creek Canyon . The family is seeking new DNA testing on her remains, and has asked the Utah County Sheriff’s Office to turn them over to a new laboratory.

Private investigator Jason Jensen has been working on the case for months and believes that they have been able to confirm some details which may help law enforcement solve the case.

He suggests that the person who killed Salgado may have been trying to take her on a date and something went wrong. The family is hoping that someone who attended the church function at Kelly’s Grove Park will remember what happened or have evidence that could help.

Disappeared: Elizabeth Salgado Cause Of Death 

The cause of death of Elizabeth Salgado remains unclear. While authorities initially suspected her uncles for her disappearance, the evidence has not been enough to draw a conclusion. Her family released a statement implicating a church member as responsible for her death, but the case remains unsolved.  

Elizabeth Salgado Cause Of Death 
Missing Utah Student Elizabeth Salgado(Source: KSL TV)

Her remains were discovered in a canyon near her home in 2018 and officials are still investigating whether her death was connected to three other murders in the area. The Utah County Sheriff’s Office has been in charge of the investigation since the anniversary of Salgado’s disappearance on April 16, 2015. 

The private investigator hired by the Salgado family stated that the two Salgado uncles were cleared early on in the investigation.

Elizabeth Salgado: Body Found Or Still Missing?

Elizabeth, 26 when she vanished, was last seen in the area near her language school. The Salgado family has been struggling with the pain of uncertainty since she disappeared, and the Utah County Sheriff’s Office will now take over the investigation from the Provo Police Department.

Elizabeth Salgado’s body was found in Hobble Creek Canyon, Utah, nearly seven years after her disappearance from a language school in Provo. Her remains were discovered by a hiker in a sleep-like position in an area that was not accessible via a trail .

Hobble Creek Canyon
Hobble Creek Canyon
Where Elizabeth’s Body Was Found(Source: Jeff Hill)

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office will now take over the investigation from Provo Police, and the Salgado family is requesting a new DNA test on her remains. They are continuing to search for answers to her disappearance and death, and are grateful to the media for reporting on the case.

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Elizabeth Salgado Case Update

The family of Elizabeth Salgado is appealing to the public for help, claiming that a group that assembled only days before her 2015 disappearance may hold clues to who killed her.

Private investigator Jason Jensen, recruited by Salgado’s family to pursue the case nearly eight years later, is sure that what they’ve put together and ultimately confirmed may throw light on what happened to Salgado.

elizabeth salgado
Elizabeth Salgado With Her Parents(source: KSL TV)

Elizabeth’s death sent shockwaves throughout her community and the nation, inspiring thousands of people to speak out against hate crimes and the need for greater protection for marginalized communities.

Her death was a reminder of the harsh realities faced by people living in minority communities, and her story served as a rallying cry for change. Today, her memory and legacy continue to live on in the form of charities and organizations dedicated to protecting the rights of all people.

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