Alice Plunkett Husband: Meet William Fox-Pitt Married Life And Age Gap

Alice Plunkett

Alice Plunkett Husband, William Fox-Pitt, is an English equestrian who competes in eventing. In this comprehensive article, let’s learn about their Married Life And Age Gap. 

It seems befitting to highlight Alice Plunkett’s accomplishments as an equestrian athlete from the United Kingdom, given that she is well-known in various sporting circuits worldwide.

You may recognize her from ITV Racing, where she is a presenter. Alice is the only female rider who has competed at Badminton Horse trials and over the challenging Grand National course at Aintree settings.

Her love for riding initially led her into hunt rides and point-to-point circuit racing, where she began to showcase remarkable talent early on in life.

It was back in 1993 when Alice’s boldness paid off when she debuted as just a nineteen-year-old rider for Fox Hunters’ Chase, held annually amidst much fanfare n Aintree.

An incredibly proud moment for Alice and her family as Bold King’s Hussar crossed the finish line under strong guidance to finish fourteenth.

This notable accomplishment reflected both skill and bravery. Alice Plunkett excelled in various disciplines, from riding winning horses on flat courses to hurdles.

Alice Plunkett Husband: Meet William Fox-Pitt

Alice Plunkett is the spouse of William Fox-Pitt, a highly accomplished English equestrian who has enjoyed grand success throughout his 17-year career as a prominent figure in the global eventing community.

This individual has received multiple awards for their achievements in various high-profile competitions, including the Olympics.

Alice Plunkett Husband
Alice Plunkett with her husband, William Fox-Pitt. (source: racingpost)

They earned three medals, including a silver in 2004 and 2012 and a bronze in 2008, all from team events.

Additionally, they are the only English rider to achieve a global ranking thus far.

His remarkable skills also earned him two more medals from World Equestrian Games; a Team Gold & Individual Silver medal(2010), a second-team Silver medal, and a third Individual Bronze(2014).

As if that’s not enough, His record-breaking performance continued at European Championships, where he collected seven Team Gold Medals, two Individual Silvers, and one Individual Bronze!

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Alice Plunkett Married Life

Alice Plunkett is happily married to accomplished eventer William Fox-Pitt, and together they have four children.

While the details of their married life are kept private, the couple has been seen supporting each other at various equestrian events, showcasing their shared passion for the sport.

Alice and William have managed to strike a balance between their family life and professional commitments.

Alice Plunkett
Alice Plunkett’s husband carrying their two kids. (source: foxpitteventing)

As a busy mother of four, Alice mentioned in an interview that she devotes much of her time to her role as a presenter for ITV Racing.

Her dedication to her career suggests that she can manage her family responsibilities alongside her professional endeavors.

Their children, Oliver, Thomas, Chloe, and Emily, complete their family. However, further information about their ages and personal lives is not readily available.

Alice Plunkett Age Gap

Despite their minor age difference (with Alice being approximately four years younger), Alice Plunkett and William Fox-Pitt’s shared enthusiasm for horses is essential in keeping them together.

Being part of the equestrian community, they have an ideal platform to explore various avenues of this beautiful sport together.

Their background as accomplished riders has earned them recognition from fans worldwide.

Alice’s experience as an eventer and National Hunt jockey align perfectly with William’s long-standing position representing Great Britain for 17 years as one of the best eventers globally.

With comparable expertise at such prestigious levels comes mutual respect’s accomplishments, which serve as one way through which multiple interests & objectives pursued by either party manifest into reality.

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