Is Iniko Christian? Religion Ethnicity And Family Explored


Iniko Real, a talented composer, and musician from Los Angeles, is widely sought after. They developed a passion for music by playing the piano and guitar at a young age. Is Iniko Christian? Find out. 

Iniko, an Afro-Jamaican performer who identifies as nonbinary, prefers they or them pronouns.

As a well-liked live performer, INIKO has gained popularity throughout the United States. Their hit songs “Caught a Body,” Pinocchio,” and Motion” have contributed to their recognition.

With over two million dedicated fans, they have also garnered a significant following on TikTok.

Renowned for their skills on stage, Iniko has showcased their talent at various venues across the US, including notable establishments like SOB in New York City.

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Is Iniko Christian? 

The netizens wonder about Iniko Christian, who is a talented composer and musician from Los Angeles.

According to the sources, the musician, Iniko, follows and has faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, resulting in his being a Christian.

The singer’s actual name remains elusive, as there is limited information available. However, in an Instagram post, they revealed that their mother had bestowed upon them the name “Iniko,” which they cherished due to its unisex nature.

Iniko Christian
Happy Hueman Portal Day to my earthly mother on the left and my spiritual mother but earthly sister on my right (Source: Instagram)

The Jamaican singer shared a surprising encounter with their father regarding their decision to no longer conform to traditional gender categories.

On Tuesday, January 10, they took to Twitter to express their father’s reaction, and the post has since garnered over a million views.

Iniko religion and ethnicity

As we have discussed their religion, follows Christianity, and are of Afro-Jamaican ethnicity.

Born on October 26, 1996, Iniko will turn 27 years old in October 2023. During their early years, they developed a passion for music and started taking classes, as mentioned in the source.

Iniko, an Afro-Jamaican nonbinary performer who uses they and them pronouns, delivered an incredible performance at an event held by The Republik in Honolulu over the weekend.

Verified Yosemite (Song For The Ahwahnechee) is now live on all platforms (Source: Instagram)

Their music gained traction on social media, with a blend of R&B, rock, and reggae genres showcased in their songs.

While Iniko has always been connected to music, it wasn’t until 2017, when their sister, who is a vocal coach, began teaching them, that they started taking their musical journey seriously.

The Iniko family explored

The music composer and musician prefer to keep their family matters private, maintaining a sense of privacy.

The singer goes by the Instagram handle @in.iko and has amassed a following of one million people. Their posts on Instagram predominantly revolve around their work.

Their YouTube channel is named @Iniko and has gathered a following of 259k subscribers. Additionally, their Twitter account, @1N1KO, is followed by over 10,000 users.

One of their singles, titled “The King’s Affirmation,” gained viral attention on TikTok and showcased their artistic growth.

Some dem ah ask me weh mi get it from; Some dem ah call man big demon (Source: Instagram)

Currently, they are involved in a new project that reflects their personal experiences, the experiences of others, and the journey they have embarked on.

The performer, who is currently touring in a specific country, has a total of five upcoming concerts scheduled.

After completing the tour, they will take the stage at Resident in Los Angeles, followed by a performance at Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco.

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