How Did Brooke Blurton Sister Passed Away? Parents And Partner Revealed

How did Brooke Blurton passed away

Well-renowned Tv personality, Author, Youthworker and Mental Health Advocate Brooke Blurton is a proud Noongar-Yamatji woman from Western Australia.

Brooke first appeared in a famous reality show, The Bachelorette Australia, in 2015. Since then she has been crushing it with her talent and lovely charms. She was The Bachelorette’s’ First Indigenous And Openly Bisexual Leading Lady.

Blurton starred in a relatively new Reality show The Challenge Australia. Basically, it’s a show where celebrities from Australia are paired together to complete games that are unpredictable and demanding at the same time. People who win the game get a $100,000 cash prize and other exciting opportunities.

In an era where doing podcasts seems profitable, Brooke has also got her hands on it. She is a podcast host at “Not so PG” with her fellow friend Matty Mills. You can stream the podcast on Spotify, Nova Fm, Apple podcast, and many other platforms.

How Did Brooke Blurton Sister Passed Away?

How did Brooke Blurton sister passed away? Recently this question has been in the minds of many. There was a lot of thing happening for Brooke at this particular event.

Brooke was 26 years old at the moment and post-production after filming The Bachelorette in 2021 she was informed her sister had passed away days ago.

Brooke didn’t know how to react since she had recently broken up with her former partner Darvid Garayeli [Bachelorette winner]. Both had admitted to losing their ways and were under an intense amount of pressure in their relationship. Darvid took it to Instagram about their recent split.

Brooke addresses her sister as Ky and opens up about her sister suffering from serious mental health issues “Schizophrenia” from a very young age.

How did Brooke Blurton sister passed away
Brooke together with her sister and Kye. (Source: Instagram)

Kye was the older sister of Brooke and she loved her with all her heart. She posted a video at her sister’s funeral saying it was very hard for her and one step away from a breakdown.

In another video on her Instagram stories, she tells her fans that she was grieving for her sister at the moment and it had been 3 days. Just talking about her sister and taking her name was heartbreaking for her.

Well, this answers the question to many people question about “How did Brooke Blurton sister passed away”. After the incident, Blurton returned home and reunited with her family and says she could feel Kye’s presence.

Brooke Blurton quoted “You kind of lose a piece of yourself and I think your family suffers from that loss, but we have a strong family and we stick together.”

Who Are Brooke Blurton Parents?

Brooke being a famous celebrity in Australia has a fun-loving and playful personality. However, her childhood upbringing was very tough.

Blurton was born on 1st January 1995 in Carnarvon, Western Australia. She was born to an Aboriginal-Malaysian mother and an English Father.

How did Brooke Blurton passed away
Brooke and her Mom together. (Source: Instagram)

During her podcast Not So PG, she opened up about her childhood saying “So my childhood wasn’t very‚Ķ quite nonconventional,” to her co-host Matty Mills.

Brooke was one of the 5 kids who grew up in a foster with her brothers and sisters. When she was young her mom suffered from addiction problems and her older sister suffered from Schizophrenia.

Life was hard for them and got even harder when Blurton’s mother committed suicide when she was just 11 years old. She didn’t get to see her father and he didn’t really care about her or her siblings.

Brooke lived her childhood navigating her life by herself. She took care of her brother and sister and acted as a mother to them. She has two younger brothers named Rj and Tory Blurton.

How did Brooke Blurton sister passed away
The Blurton family all together in a single frame. (Source: Who Magazine)

After her mom passed away she moved in with her father who was useless to her. During her childhood, she also stated that she was a victim of sexual assault and harassment which is really heartbreaking.

Their so-called house was overcrowded and drugs and alcohol were a norm. It was very hard for her and growing up she hold on to many responsibilities. She cared about her brothers and sister and in order to become a great role model to them she had to do big things, so she did.

Today she is one of the most famous celebrities and a great mental health advocate. She has written many books as an author and has become a great role model to people and her beloved siblings.

Brooke Blurton Boyfriend

Meet the love of Brooke Blurton’s life, Sam McGinn. These two have been in an on-and-off relationship again and again.

How did Brooke Blurton sister passed away
Brooke and Sam together in a Tennis game. (Source: Instagram)

In March 2022, a source confirmed to So Dramatic! that Sam and Brooke were dating and Sam himself announced on his Instagram by confirming that he was in love with Brooke Blurton.

These two love birds met at the show The Bachelorette and at the season finale, we could see their relationship had grown. We can see them being together in their Instagram posts and stories.

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