Ted Scott Wife, Melanie, Just Celebrated Their 20th Anniversary, Age Gap And Children

Ted Scott Wife

People are curious to know more about Ted Scott wife, Melanie, as they celebrated their 20th anniversary recently. 

Ted Scott is a former professional golfer from the United States and a Tour Caddie Coach. He is now Scottie Scheffler’s caddie. He is well-known for being Bubba Watson’s caddy. 

Scott has won three Masters, two with Bubba Watson and one with Scottie Scheffler. Scott turned professional in 1999 to instruct golf and was later offered a job as a full-time caddie on the PGA TOUR in March of 2000. For more than two decades, he has worked as a professional caddie.

Scott also serves as a Tour Caddie Coach, coaching players of various skill levels, including high handicappers, collegiate golfers, juniors, and seniors. He enjoys spending time with his family, church, and the local community while not on the golf course.

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Ted Scott Wife Melanie Age Gap Explored 

Ted Scott is married to his lovely wife Melanie, who recently celebrated their 20th marriage anniversary. There needs to be more information about either Ted or Melanie about their age. 

However, looking at their pictures couple might be in their 40s and have little of an age gap between them. 

Ted Scott Wife
Ted Scott Wife Melanie (Source: Instagram)

Scott and his wife Melanie, who he claims can outwork anyone and has the same servant’s heart as he does, had been those random people, making the 90-minute drive west from their home outside Lafayette, Louisiana, to Lake Charles.

It took the brunt of Hurricane Laura’s devastation when the Category 4 storm landed on Aug. 27, 2022. 

Our Savior’s Church, where they worship, has sent work groups there three times a week to accomplish whatever is needed.

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Ted Scott Children Details To Know 

Ted Scott and his wife have two lovely children, and he has posted their pictures with them on his Instagram account. 

Other than that, there is no such information about Ted’s children. 

He plays golf and has a plus handicap. His granddad may have sparked his passion for golf. When Ted’s family visited Texas for the holidays, he was taught to play by his grandfather, according to Wikibiography.

Ted Scott Wife
Ted Scott Wife And Children (Source: Instagram)

Those who know him well understand his community, family, and church life importance to him. As a Christian, his faith is very vital to him in this life.

His outstanding net worth is due in part to his salary of roughly $900,000, as confirmed by ontrend.news.

Of course, not all caddies can boast of such earnings, but Ted has worked hard to build his name and has been matched with several well-known golfers.

Over the years, he rose to become the world’s third-most-paid caddy in 2017. This happened while he was working with Bubba Watson.

Ted Scott Caddied Career Explored 

He is currently Scottie Scheffler’s caddie. Ted allegedly met Bubba at a Bible study and later left Bubba to caddie for Scottie. Bubba and Ted’s partnership came to an end around October 2021. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t appear they split into harsh terms since Bubba Watson still plays practice rounds with Ted and indicated that the separation was mutual.

Ted must be pleased with the development, given his net worth. Due to Scottie’s recent success, Ted has definitely made more money than he would have if he were still working for Bubba full-time.

Ted caddied for other golfers, such as Paul Azinger and Grant Waite, before working with Bubba Watson and Scottie Scheffler, according to walikali.com. At some point, he also served as a caddy for Fred Funk and Olin Browne.

Compared to most caddies, Ted Scott’s narrative is out of the usual. He became a professional golf instructor in 1999. Then, in 2000, he was offered a full-time caddie position on the PGA Tour. He can reflect on over two decades of working with the world’s finest golfers.

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