Youtuber Zeinab Harake Wikipedia Age And Net Worth 2023

Zeinab Harake Wikipedia

Curious about Zeinab Harake Wikipedia page? Here, you’ll find details about her age, net worth in 2023, and her fascinating journey as a well-known YouTuber and content creator.

Zeinab Harake has become one of the Philippines’ most renowned content creators.

With an intriguing journey that began in 2019, she has skyrocketed to fame, captivating millions of fans worldwide.

But who is Zeinab Harake, and why is she so widely celebrated?

From her humble beginnings to her rise, we delve into the life of this extraordinary personality.

In this article, we’ll explore her background and accomplishments and touch upon the whispers of her growing presence on Wikipedia.

So, buckle up as we uncover Zeinab Harake Wikipedia and explore her journey to stardom.

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Youtuber Zeinab Harake Wikipedia Age And Net Worth 2023

Zeinab Harake, a prominent YouTuber in the Philippines, has gained immense popularity quickly.

Born Zeinab Mohamad Ocampo Harake on December 11, 1998, Zeinab is of mixed heritage, hailing from Filipino and Lebanese backgrounds.

She shares a close bond with her siblings, including her brother, Wessam Harake and younger sister, Rana Harake.

Zeinab’s sister is also a successful YouTuber, boasting nearly three million subscribers.

Zeinab Harake Wikipedia
Zeinab Harake Wikipedia: Zeinab Harake is a Filipino YouTuber with over 13 million subscribers. (Source: PEP)

Tracing back to her beginnings, Zeinab posted her first YouTube video, a “Get To Know Me” vlog, in July 2019.

Within two months, she achieved her first major milestone of one million subscribers.

In September 2020, Zeinab dived into her personal history by Googling herself, during which she shared about her family dynamics.

Tragically, Zeinab’s family experienced the loss of another sibling, her sister Ate Tara, in 2015.

The distinctive catchphrase “Arat na!” that Zeinab is known for is derived from reversing “tara,” signifying the guiding presence she believes her late sister has had on her career.

Before her YouTube career, Zeinab ventured into pageantry and showcased her baton-twirling skills as a unique talent.

Before transitioning into a full-time YouTuber, she worked as a “Disney princess” for mall events.

While a Zeinab Harake Wikipedia is cyrrently lacking, it is only a mtter of time before one is dedicated to her.

 Zeinab Harake Wikipedia and Controversies

Prepare to buckle up as we dive into the whirlwind of drama that unfolded in the world of social media on October 23.

On October 23, vlogger Wilbert Tolentino dropped a bombshell with his 20-minute video entitled ‘Ang Rebelasyon’ (The Revelation).

The video exposed a heated clash between him and fellow influencer Zeinab Harake.

An avalanche of live videos followed as the personalities involved attempted to navigate the chaos that ensued.

Initially not foes, their paths met when Wilbert sought Zeinab’s guidance in establishing his online presence.

Zeinab Harake Wikipedia
Zeinab Harake was involved in a controversy surrounding vlogger Wilbert Tolentino.

This collaboration and mentorship seemed promising – until things took a nosedive.

The dispute ignited when Zeinab ignored and unfollowed Wilbert on social media, sparking a series of messages, calls, and attempts at reconciliation.

Zeinab asserted that her unread messages went to requests due to the unfollow, leading to misunderstandings.

A Facebook post by Zeinab stirred the pot further, which Wilbert interpreted as aimed at him.

However, Zeinab vehemently denied that the post had anything to do with him.

The chaos escalated when Wilbert’s video showcased screenshots of conversations with Zeinab involving several other influencers.

The messages contained unflattering remarks about various personalities, sparking a frenzy of reactions.

Amid the turmoil, Zeinab apologized on Facebook, extending apologies to those affected.

While the dust has somewhat settled, who can predict what twists and turns this ever-evolving story will take next?

Zeinab Harake is a single mom of one.

Social media sensation Zeinab Harake has taken fans on a rollercoaster of emotions through her love life.

A whirlwind of events saw her transition from a high-profile breakup to a surprising new chapter with Bobby Ray Parks Jr., a basketball player in the Japan B.League.

In May 2022, Zeinab Harake confirmed the end of her romantic involvement with rapper Skusta Clee.

The relationship that once held promise took a tumultuous turn.

Zeinab disclosed the reasons behind the split during an interview with Toni Gonzaga.

Zeinab Harake Wikipedia
Zeinab Harake Wikipedia: Zeinab Harake openly discussed her breakup with Skusta Clee. (Source: Latest Chika)

She recounted how their once-happy relationship began to unravel with disagreements in January.

Despite Skusta Clee announcing potential marriage plans in December 2021, their love story took a tragic twist.

She also shared that in March, Skusta Clee would frequently leave her, even during a difficult period when she was pregnant with their second child, Baby Moon.

Tragically, Baby Moon passed away just four months after birth.

The challenges she faced during her complicated pregnancy, combined with postpartum depression, made Zeinab lean on Skusta Clee for support.

Despite her pleas for him not to leave, he continued to do so during arguments, leading to their eventual separation.

Desperate to salvage their relationship, Zeinab turned to Skusta Clee’s parents to intervene.

He returned home, but it was during this time that Zeinab discovered his infidelity, having cheated with multiple women.

The final straw was a shocking incident when Skusta Clee swore he would not be unfaithful, even if it meant the death of Zeinab, their daughter Bia, or even his mother.

Zeinab found solace in her children, Bia and her adopted son, Lucas, despite the heartache.

Zeinab Harake: New Beginnings 

As life continued, Zeinab ventured into a new relationship, capturing the attention of fans once again.

This time, it was with Bobby Ray Parks Jr. The two embarked on a journey that seemed promising yet uncertain.

Zeinab Harake Wikipedia
Zeinab Harake Wikipedia: Zeinab Harake is in a relationship

Zeinab admitted to having trust issues due to past experiences, which made her embrace this new chapter.

Their connection grew with Bobby’s understanding of Zeinab’s concerns and his perseverance to win her over.

The public was privy to their sweet exchanges on social media, showcasing their blossoming affection.

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