Was Smokeebee Face Reveal An Accident? Gender Age And Wikipedia Bio

Smokeebee Face Reveal and gender

Smokeebee fans wonder if their favorite gaming content creator has done a face reveal on her Twitch channel. The decently famous YouTube creator and influencer has successfully hidden her face. So, the gaming community wanted to know Smokeebee Face Reveal and her gender.

Smokeebee is a known YouTuber and streamer with more than 395 Thousand subscribers as of this writing. The gaming content creator specializes in broadcasting gameplay, such as recent funny videogame fails and trend remixes.

She connects with her followers via Discord servers, which has made her famous among the platform users. 

Discord and Twitch are popular communication and streaming service platforms among gamers, where they can chat and donate to their favorite creators. So, Smokeebee’s good presence on those platforms is her plus point.

The famous videogame streamer enjoys interacting with her followers during live-stream sessions.

Generally, many gamers are known for keeping their identities secret from the audience. Smokeebee’s hidden identity generates curiosity and allows fans to keep track until they accidentally or purposefully reveal their faces.

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Was Smokeebee Face Reveal An Accident?

Famous female gaming influencer Smokeebee first revealed her face accidentally on one of her live-streaming sessions.

Eventually, the woman uploaded a YouTube video on 22 December 2022 describing her accidental face reveal while live.  The video uploaded 3 months before has garnered more than 126 Thousand views and 13 Thousand likes as of this writing. 

Smokeebee Face Reveal
Smokeebee Accidental Face Reveal Video. (Source: YouTube)

However, Smokeebee has not been openly uploading videos showing her face clearly on the platform. In a way, she feels embarrassed to show her face in public. The YouTuber writes: 

“My face was revealed accidentally while going live. I won’t describe this as my proudest moment. It is not how I intended to reveal my face either, but it is what it is.”

Smokeebee described her face reveal and requested her fans not to share toxicity and hate comments. Also, she thanks her fans, saying:

“No matter how embarrassing the situation goes, please be with me till the end.  I want to thank you again for the 80K subscribers. Your support has meant the world to me. Having said that, I do hope you guys will stick around for more content in the future.”

Smokeebee has been making content, hiding her real face. The woman launched her fictional pumpkin face and doodle 2D character, introducing her unique take on expressing herself in public.

Likewise, she has been active on Discord and provides links on her main YouTube channel. 

Speaking of her follower count on various platforms, Smokeebee currently has more than 395 Thousand subscribers on her YouTube account and has generated at least 122 Million views.

In a short span of time, she has accumulated millions of views with over 249 videos. She joined the platform on 16 August 2021.  

Know Smokeebee Gender: How Old Is She?

There is limited information regarding Smokeebee,  as the YouTube creator has rarely mentioned her age. The lady gamer keeps her personal life out of the spotlight.

However, she has hinted at a huge reveal regarding her sexuality in her Twitch bio. According to her Twitch handle, Smokeebee is gay. 

As she maintains a low-key life, the live game streamers only share her gameplay and live sessions on the platform.

Smokeebee Wikipedia Bio

Lady gamer Smokeebee describes herself as cool on her Twitch account. She loves sharing her gameplay videos on the platform and has recently generated millions of views and audiences.  

In addition to her content-creating talent, the unique YouTuber presents herself with unique art and doodles. 

Smokeebee wikipedia bio
Famous YouTube influencer Smokeebee rarely mentions her background. (Source: Twitter)

As mentioned earlier, Smokeebee birth details are under wraps, as she has never mentioned her bio in her videos. She earns from her gaming content and donations she receives from her audiences. 

She earned audiences by playing several popular video games, such as rage-inducing games and horror games. In addition, her Among Us and Minecraft gameplay videos are more famous among the audiences. 

It seems like she is obsessed with online games. She is growing and getting recognized by millions of platform users because of her original nature.

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