Carlo Aquino Wife: Is He Married In 2023? Breakup With Ex Trina Candaza

Carlo Aquino Wife

Carlo Aquino Wife: Is He Married In 2023? Discover the latest scoop on Carlo Aquino’s relationships, from his breakup with Trina Candaza to his romance with actress Charlie Dizon.

Carlo Aquino, a name synonymous with talent and charm in the entertainment realm, has had his romantic journey scrutinized by many.

From his high-profile breakup with Trina Candaza to the recent sparks of a new connection with actress Charlie Dizon, the pages of Carlo’s love story have been avidly followed.

As the calendar turned to 2023, a pivotal question arose: Who is Carlo Aquino wife in 2023?

Amidst whispers and speculations, his marital status remains a secret, capturing the curiosity of fans and enthusiasts alike.

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Carlo Aquino Wife: Is He Married In 2023? Breakup With Ex Trina Candaza

Carlo Aquino, a well-known Kapamilya star, has long captured the hearts of fans with his acting and charming presence.

Rising to fame at a young age, Carlo has become a household name in the entertainment industry, known for his roles in various films and television shows.

However, his journey has been marked not only by professional achievements but also by his personal life, particularly his romantic endeavors.

Amidst the limelight, Carlo Aquino faced the public eye during his three-year relationship with Trina Candaza.

Unfortunately, as life’s paths often diverge, Carlo and Trina confirmed their breakup in April 2022, marking the end of their shared journey.


Carlo Aquino Wife
After his breakup, there’s buzz about Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon now dating. (Source: Philippines Entertainment News)

Following the separation, speculations about Carlo’s romantic life lingered in the air.

True to the anticipation, Carlo eventually shed light on his relationship status.

In January 2023, during a media conference for Star Magic’s collaboration with Mavx Productions, he confirmed the dating rumors that had been circulating.

The actor admitted that he is in a relationship with actress Charlie Dizon.

Carlo disclosed that his connection with Charlie started evolving after working together in “A Soldier’s Heart” and a subsequent US tour with Star Magic.

Upon returning to the Philippines, their bond grew stronger, and the two even welcomed the new year of 2023 together, spending time with Carlo’s family in La Union.

As fans speculate about the trajectory of this new romance, the question arises: Could Carlo Aquino’s new love interest become his future wife?

Charlie Dizon, Carlo’s current partner, is a fellow artist and his co-star in the upcoming romance film “Love on a Budget,” produced by Black.

While the notion of Charlie being Carlo Aquino wife intrigues many, only time will reveal the direction their relationship takes.

Who Is Carlo Aquino Wife After Breakup With Ex Trina Candaza?

In a significant revelation, famous actor Carlo Aquino confirmed the end of his romantic journey with model Trina Candaza during an interview with ABS-CBN News.

Regarding whether he was still in a romantic relationship with Trina, Carlo straightforwardly stated, “No, we’ve already separated this year.”

This admission marked the conclusion of their relationship, bringing to light the speculations that had been circulating for a while.

Hints of their separation had emerged earlier in the year, triggered by a cryptic post on Trina’s Facebook account.

Rumors about their split had begun to circulate, prompting discussions about the status of their relationship.

Carlo Aquino Wife
Following his split with his ex-wife, fans are eager to discover details about Carlo Aquino wife. (Source: Rappler)

The couple shares an 18-month-old daughter named Enola Mithi. Despite the breakup, Carlo emphasized their amicable co-parenting arrangement, revealing that they communicate periodically.

He mentioned, “We talk every once in a while. I get to spend time with Mithi, but of course, due to the ongoing pandemic, her safety comes first. Whenever I have work or if I’m going out, I wait for a few days.”

However, the narrative turned intriguing as Trina seemingly threw a subtle jab at Carlo through a heartfelt Instagram post.

Reflecting on her experiences in 2022, she alluded to someone she believed would always protect and keep them safe.

Without explicitly naming Carlo, she conveyed the sentiment of losing that protector, which left fans curious about the details beneath.

Despite this, Carlo maintained a positive stance, clarifying that they were on good terms and emphasizing their co-parenting efforts.

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