Zak Steiner Height – How Tall Is He? Wikipedia Bio Age And Instagram

Zak Steiner

Zak Steiner Height is recorded as 6 ft 2 inches. Standing at this commanding stature, Zak naturally draws attention wherever he goes. Let’s learn about his wikipeida bio, age and instagram via this article.  

Zak Steiner is an accomplished American Actor, producer, and director whose talent has graced both the big screen and television. With an impressive repertoire of performances, Zak has become well-known for his captivating roles in numerous popular movies and TV series.

From his memorable portrayal in “A Hollywood Christmas” as Michael Jeb in 2022 to his captivating character Aaron Jacobs in the hit series “Euphoria” from 2019 to 2022, and his compelling performance as Brock in “No Running” in 2021, Zak’s versatility shines through.

His passion for the entertainment industry dates back to when he dreamed of making his mark.

At 17, Zak bravely took his first steps into the industry, signing a contract with the prestigious Click Modeling agency.

Zak Steiner Age and Height – How Tall Is He?

Zak Steiner was born on July 20, 1995, to his Father, Steinly Steiner and mother, Kathy Steiner, in Greenwich, Connecticut, in the United States of America. As of 2024, he is 29 years old, and his zodiac sign is Cancer.

 Growing up, he shared his childhood with his sibling, Dexter Steiner. His educational journey led him to Greenwich High School, where he completed his schooling.

Zak Steiner Height
Zak Steiner stands 6 ft 2 inches tall. (source: modelfact)

As for his artistic pursuits, Zak enrolled in Zak Barnett Studio and McCaskill to hone his acting skills, focusing on scene study with Ilse Pfeifer to master the Fitzmouris Vocal technique.

With striking looks that capture attention and an attractive appearance that stands out even more at his height of 6 feet 2 inches and weight of approximately 87 kg, Zak maintains a toned physique with dark brown hair and captivating blue eyes.

While specific information about his shoe size, body measurements, and dress size remains undisclosed, Zak’s features enhance his overall appeal.

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Zak Steiner Wikipedia Bio

Zak Steiner’s career began to take off when he signed a contract with a Click Modeling agency that paved the way for numerous opportunities within the industry; one such instance was modeling for fashion powerhouses like Bottega Veneta.

His television debut was marked by his appearance as Brad in Jessica Jones in 2015 before subsequently gracing crime Drama series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Difficult People later that year- all indications of his versatility as an Actor.

Zak Steiner
Zak Steiner started his career off by modeling for BOTTEGA VENETA. (source: wrennmgmt)

The consistent growth of Zak Steiner’s career positioned him internationally as an exceptional Actor capable of playing various roles convincingly, evident through stand-out performances such as Daniel’s character portrayal alongside notable actors Olivia Luccardi and Sarah Moliski in Lady-Like (2017), among several others like We Need to Talk (2019), Ten (2020), The Perfect Date (2020).

Furthermore, Zak portrayed Alex in the 2019 Drama Where We Go from Here and Aaron Jacobs in the popular TV series Euphoria.

In his personal life, Zak is currently in a romantic relationship with Actress and model Mattie Maderos. In 2019, the couple initiated a romantic relationship and has since been relishing their shared experiences.

Zak Steiner Instagram

Zak Steiner, known by the Instagram handle @zaksteiner, has amassed a dedicated following of 21.8k fans on the platform. Despite having only six posts, Zak’s Instagram account provides a captivating glimpse into his life and career.

While his last post dates back to December 19, 2022, it is evident that he actively shares updates and insights with his followers.

Zak also offers personal glimpses, sharing moments that provide insights into his hobbies, travels, and experiences. One of his posts even showcases his talent as a guitarist, highlighting his multifaceted abilities.

Additionally, Zak uses Instagram as a platform to engage with his fans, expressing gratitude for their support and actively responding to comments and direct messages.

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