Arizon: Meet Robert Fisher Wife Mary Fisher Family And Married Life

Robert Fisher

People want to learn more about Robert Fisher wife. He killed his wife and two children and burned the house 22 years ago.

Robert Fisher, the American criminal, became the center of attention due to the horrific incident that unfolded on April 10, 2001, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

He disappeared without a trace after being accused of killing his family and destroying their home. This left the police with no idea what happened to him.

Even though over 20 years have passed, the mysterious fugitive has still not been caught, making them feel uneasy and curious within the public.

Before his crime, Fisher had pursued a career in the United States Navy, where he aspired to join the esteemed SEALs unit.

However, he could not fulfill this dream and subsequently pursued work as a firefighter and within the medical field.

Besides, he loved being outside and was an avid shooter and fisherman. He was a firefighter in California until he hurt his back and had to give up his job.

Arizon: Meet Robert Fisher Wife Mary Fisher

Robert, a notorious criminal, married Mary Cooper in 1987, and together they formed a family of four with their two beloved children, Bobby and Brittney.

The family’s house blew up on April 10, 2001. The bodies of Fisher’s wife and two of his children were found inside. The killers cut their throats, and Mary was shot in the back of the head.

The neighbor said that around 10 p.m. on April 9, 2001, about ten hours before the terrible explosion, they heard a loud fight from the house.

Robert Fisher Wife
Robert Fisher wife Mary and their children (Source: azcentral)

Using this information, the police concluded that the horrible murders happened between 9:30 and 10:15 pm.

That night, Robert was seen on security video from an ATM at 10:43 pm. He took out $280 in the video while Mary’s Toyota 4Runner stands out in the background.

He quickly became the only suspect in his family’s brutal murders. On April 20, Mary’s car was found in a forest near Young, Arizona.

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Robert Fisher Married Life

Robert and Mary’s married life was a deeply troubled and unhappy one. People said his behavior toward his family was mean and controlling and often got scary and violent. There were rumors that Robert had cheated on Mary, and it was said that he had done so at least once.

Their marriage problems were mainly about sex and money, which led Mary to get a job she called a “security fund.” It didn’t seem to be a physically violent relationship, but there was a lot of humiliation.

Robert William Fisher
Robert William Fisher was listed in the Most Wanted list after killing his family(Source: Facebook)

He once sprayed Mary with a yard hose because he thought she had spoken out of turn. He prohibited his wife from painting the walls any color other than white and restricted the number of images that may be hung on the walls.

Seeking help, fisher underwent marital counseling in 1998, when he confessed to a one-night affair with a prostitute he met in a massage parlor.

He was worried that Mary might find out that it was the reason why he was sick for a few days in December 2000. They were not happy together.

Robert Fisher Family

Robert was born on 1961 April 13, in New York City. He was raised by his father, William Fisher, a banker, and his mother, Jan Howell. He had two younger sisters.

When he was 15, his parents split up. After that, he and his sisters moved to Arizona to live with their dad.

Fisher house
On April 10, 2001, a fire burned down the brick, ranch-style Fisher house in south Scottsdale. (Source: azcentral)

When Robert and his sisters went to Sahuaro High School in Tucson, Arizona, they had to deal with the effects of their parents’ tumultuous divorce, which left permanent scars on Robert’s mind.

As he grew older, Robert openly shared the emotional impact of his parent’s divorce with his colleagues at Mayo Clinic Hospital. He used to express his belief that his life would have taken a different path had his mother not left the family.

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