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Louis Tshakoane

Louis Tshakoane wife, Susan, her husband, and son were recently arrested recently on fraud case. Find out more about the case by reading the article.

Louis Tshakoane is a former Kaizer Chiefs public relations officer. Recently, he has been at the center of a legal storm, facing serious charges. Among the accusations against him are fraud, theft, money laundering, and infringement of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act.

These charges carry significant weight and could have severe consequences for Tshakoane.

He was arrested on Tuesday night following a speech he delivered at the funeral of Alex Shakoane, held at the International Assemblies of God church in Mamelodi.

He has been charged with fraud to the tune of more than R100 million along with his wife and son and has appeared before the Palm Ridge Specialised Commercial Crimes Court.

Meet Louis Tshakoane Wife Susan

Louis, a former Kaizer Chiefs, and his wife, Susan Nkopane Tshakoane, find themselves entangled in a complex legal web. Susan, 59, is also a co-defendant in a high-profile fraud case.

The allegations against them revolve around their alleged involvement in an investment scheme that lured investors with the promise of doubling their returns, only to defraud them.

Specifically, Susan is accused of benefiting from the proceeds of this deceptive investment scheme, which primarily focused on forex and cryptocurrency pyramid schemes.

Louis Tshakoane Wife
Louis Tshakoane wife, her son and husband appeared on the court (Source: sowetanlive)

The couple and their son appeared in court on fraud, theft, money laundering, and infringement of the Financial Advisory Services Act.

Their legal troubles began in 2019 when a warrant was issued for their arrest, prompting them to go on the run. The warrant was connected to an investment scam known as Underground Millionaires, where they are believed to have defrauded investors out of approximately R100 million.

As the court proceedings unfold, the extent of Louis and Nkopane’s involvement in the investment scam will be investigated. 

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Louis Tshakoane Son Louis Tshakoane Jr

Louis Jr Tshakoane, the son of Louis, is an exceptional social and serial entrepreneur who embarked on an extraordinary journey at 16.

His remarkable talent and dedication caught the attention of billionaire Sir Richard Branson, who generously provided him with training equipment worth an astounding $200,000. This support enabled Louis Jr to establish Botho Gym, a community gymnasium powered by Virgin Active.

Louis Jr also founded Undercover Billionaires International, a multinational holding company initially positioned as a “network of entrepreneurs.”

Louis Tshakoane
Louis Jr Tshakoane is the founder of Undercover Billionaires International. (Source: Instagram)

He engaged audiences through presentations at churches and other gatherings, inviting them to seminars where he shared insights on wealth creation.

At 34 years old, Louis Jr now faces legal troubles alongside his parents in a fraud case. He was arrested in Kempton Park the same day his father was arrested.

However, before this setback, he gained recognition for his opulent lifestyle as a featured participant on the reality TV show “Rich Kids.”

The show offered a glimpse into the lives of affluent young individuals in South Africa, showcasing Louis Jr’s luxury penthouse, designer clothes, cars, and personal chef.

Louis Tshakoane Family

The Tshakoane family, including Louis, his wife, and their son, face a legal battle. They now face severe fraud-related charges, money laundering, and contravention of the financial advisory services act.

This alarming situation caused them to appear before the Palm Ridge Specialised Commercial Crimes Court on Wednesday, 17 May.

The allegations against the family emerged when Andile Mayisela, a courageous victim, accused Tshakoane Jr of luring him into investing R300,000 in a deceptive scheme.

Louis Tshakoana son
Louis Tshakoana, a former Kaizer Chiefs, and his son, Louis Junior Tshakoana. (Source: times live)

Mayisela claimed that Tshakoane Jr had promised him a remarkable 25% return on his investment. Sadly, this promising venture was nothing more than a false facade.

Numerous other victims have stepped forward, sharing their distressing experiences of investing substantial money and receiving nothing but excuses when attempting to withdraw their funds.

Kedibone Somfula disclosed that she invested over R20,000, hoping for significant returns, while Nikiwe Lekola contributed R1,500, driven by the desire to make additional money.

Even Tumelo Mashiane, one of Tshakoane Jr’s key recruiters, revealed that he lost R50,000 in the scheme.

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