Who Is Sexologist Gerulf Rieger? Wikipedia Bio Age And Net Worth

Gerulf Rieger

People on the Internet are curious about Gerulf Rieger. The sexologist gained fame after his controversial research.

Gerulf Rieger is a known psychologist famous for his work on men’s bisexuality and trans woman. 

Gerulf is currently a lecturer of psychology at the University of Essex in Colchester, Great Britain. He previously worked as Research Fellow (Human Development) in Ithaca, New York, USA.

Gerulf’s list of academics is not the only thing that makes him a renowned sexologist. His research and contribution to the field of human sexuality have made people question and understand more about themselves.

Rieger claimed that there is no such thing as ‘true bisexuality’ in males.

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Gerulf Rieger was part of a considerable controversy due to his research and denying the existence of bisexual men.

Gerulf Rieger graduated from the University of Vienna, Austria, with a bachelor’s degree in biology in 1995. He later received his master’s degree at University in Evolutionary Anthropology in 1999.

 Gerulf Rieger
Gerulf Rieger at the University of Essex (Source: BBC)

He received another master’s degree in Personality Psychology at Northwestern University in 2004 and his doctorate in 2006.

J.Micheal Bailey, a controversial sexologist himself, groomed and mentored Reiger to engage in “science by a press conference.” It’s a method of getting the media’s attention for questionable research through specific media manipulation.

Rieger’s most significant media attention was on 5th July 2005 through an article by Benedict Carey titled ” Straight, Gay, or Lying?

Bisexuality Revisited,” published in the New York Times. It became the most talked about article of the week in the following week of publication.

As mentioned, Rieger claimed that there is no true bisexuality in men and that those males who call themselves bisexual are either straight, gay, or lying, and there is no in-between.

How Old Is Gerulf Rieger – Age Revealed

The controversial researcher has been on the news for his various news, but there hasn’t been any information about his family.

Although various information is available about Gerulf Rieger’s academic career and controversies, the information about his birthday hasn’t been updated yet. We can estimate him to be in his late 40s.

 Gerulf Rieger
Gerulf Rieger giving an interview to BBc (Source: LinkedIn)

After his second master’s in 2004 and a Ph.D. in 2006, Gerulf did FHEA, an internationally recognized fellowship in The Higher Education Academy, showing his commitment to the field.

After his comments about bisexual men caused quite a stir in the news, he later said he was wrong. He said that men could be attracted to both sexes. Recent works ‘reshaped his understanding of male sexual orientation.’

He also interviewed BBC about his controversy and current work a few weeks ago.

Gerulf Rieger Net Worth

Like his family and other private details, this critical fact about the controversial researcher is also not updated on the Internet.

However, we know his profession, so that we can estimate his earning through some calculations. The average salary of a lecturer in the Uk is around 55k Euros per year.

 Gerulf Rieger
Gerulf Rieger swapped up in controversies after 2005 (Source: Echo)

Gerulf can also be expected to earn an amount near that. He has been working at the University of Essex since 2013, and if we can estimate, it comes to around 550k euros of salary.

However, without expenditure, we can’t know for a fact how much he is worth without knowing the full details of his income, expenditure, and investment.

His reputation as a controversial and questionable sexologist can also affect his income. So, we can only speculate about this matter.

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